Silent Skates Chapter 27

Ben was almost in tears.  Whatever he said, George just seemed to get madder and madder. The other boys tried to help, but George kept turning the argument back to Ben. He wanted to witness, he wanted to serve God, but he didn’t know what to do next. He looked down the hill, where George was standing, waiting for him, and he took a deep breath and launched himself down the hill again.


George stood watching Ben. He had never seen anyone like this. And these other boys. He didn’t believe any of it, but he was impressed with Ben. He looked and saw Beth and Susan talking. He wished…

Bens sled missed the turn.  A previous sledder had made a nasty rut, and Bens sled, hitting hit, bounced off the track and into the untouched snow off to the side. He watched as the sled whizzed down and then a massive bump separated Ben from the sled and sent him head first into a huge snow drift.

George ran over, where Bens legs alone stuck out of the drift, waving wildly. George grabbed Bens left leg and pulled, pulled, and then went over onto his back as Ben finally popped out of the drift.

Suddenly the whole thing struck him as funny, and he burst out laughing. Beth and Susan, who had run down the hill with some others, were giggling furiously behind him. They watched as Ben, who had been face down in the snow, finally rolled himself over and spat snow out of his mouth.

Then Ben, too, watching them, burst out laughing.

“I’ve got to go get changed,” Said Ben, once they had all stopped laughing. “I’ve got snow all the way down into my underwear, and all down my shirt.”

The others watched him troop off. “I’m getting kind of cold myself,” Said susan, “do you all want to go in for a while?”

“Sure.” Said George, and he and Beth followed Susan into the lodge.


When Ben went back to the sledding area, having changed and showered, the others weren’t there, but Charlie was,

“Wow, that was awesome,” Charlie remarked.

“What was?” asked Ben, “My crash into that snow drift?”

“Well, that was good,” said Charlie, “but I meant the way the you are witnessing to George.  You really had a lot of patience.”

I’m glad you thought so, I wasn't sure I could take much more.”

“He's lucky to have a friend like you, or rather, it seems like God has really put you in his life.”

“Well it seems he's taken out me of it right now, I'm not sure where they went.”

- -

Susan liked this game, but she wished the George hadn’t sat right next to her, and wasn't trying to talk to her all the time.  What did the boy want?

"So what are you going to buy Susan," George was saying,.

HIt was Susans turn, and she did indeed have to decide what to buy.  She hadn't played this game before, and it was very confusing with all the different resources.  And of course she couldn’t asked Beth, as Beth was the greatest opponent.  "I guess I'll buy another road, she said, and put the necessary resources in the bank and put the road on the map."

"You've got the most roads now," said Blessing, the girlhood who had introduced them to the game, "you get the road card and that gives you two points."

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 Author: Vaughn Ohlman

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