Silent Skates Chapter 11


“Did you have a good time dear?” Mrs Henderson asked Susan Sunday evening as that latter climbed into the front seat of their Rolls Royce.

“Yes mother, it was wonderful.”

“You look tired. Did you two stay up late talking, like you always do with your girl friends?”

“Not this time mother. We went right to sleep. But you’re right I’m tired. I got up early both mornings to help milk goats. Do you see these hands mother? They have milked goats.” Susan settled back, but then sat back up, “Mother. I want to invite Beth over to our house.”

“Certainly dear. I was wondering when you would.”

“Would next weekend work?”

“I don’t see why not. Your father might be home a little late on Friday (her father was always home late) but I don’t think we have anything else… well, no, we do have a small reception to go to on Saturday night. But that will be after your bedtime anyway, so it shouldn’t matter.”

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Author: Vaughn Ohlman

Status: Unfinished, needs editing and some extra content

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