Distopia Chapter 044: What do you think of bread?

It was a whirlwind next few weeks. We used up almost all of our profit from the first sale buying lumber and labor.  Everyone was as excited as we were, everyone realized how good this would be for both peoples. And I think many of them were equally excited to meet people from the other peoples.

We ended up with a perfectly enormous storehouse, a nice house, an equally enormous cold storage area, and a ‘store’… a separate building with an area to display smaller items and keep records and things. And we also had a nice variety of things already for sale.  People were so sure that we would sell them for a nice profit (especially since they had a chance to talk to Festin about how much they would bring at the plains market) that they just left the things there and didn’t make us pay for them until we had traded.

Oh, and one very funny thing happened. At least I thought it was funny. It was toward the end of the building, when our house was already in place, and we had just about everyone in both communities there that day. I decided to bake bread. It was fairly easy to feed a large number of people with bread. So with Srah and a couple of her egg donor offspring helping me, we made an enormous batch of bread the night before, and spent all morning (we got up very early) baking.

So the kids from the mountains got their first taste of bread. I was wandering around serving everyone, when I got to the circle of children, all of my new nephews and nieces. So I decided to ask them, “What do you think of bread?”

They looked at me, and finally one of them said, “It’s good, but not as good as ice cream.”

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