Distopia Chapter 034: Help me to be a good wife

The ice cream turned out to be great. But as I lay in bed that night, my tired and contented husband by my side, I wondered if I could survive. I had never known how private our life was until I was tossed into this maelstrom. And I was sore. So much of the work here was different from what I was used to.

Not necessarily harder, but different. And so I ached in muscles I didn’t know I had. Unable to sleep, I turned to prayer.

“Oh, God, you know I am here, and you know what I need. Far more than I do myself. Help me to be a good wife, a good daughter, a good sister-in-law, a good aunt…”

My mind trailed off as the very list I was reciting reminded me of some of the blessings of my new life. Surely it was awkward to be sleeping one curtain and  about four feet from Receba (or her husband, whichever slept on the side of the bed toward me). But what a blessing it was as well.

And Srah, while shy, was steady. I already knew I could count on her.

And the offspring. I loved offspring. I always enjoyed Sabbath, with them running all over.  Surely it was awkward with them as well. I never had a free moment, they ran in and out of everything. Especially the girls. They gave me no modesty, no privacy.

But the way they looked at me. I loved that. And that little one, I didn’t even remember her name, but it was already coming up and putting her hand in mine.

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Author: Vaughn Ohlman

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