Winter is on it's way!

posted 30 Nov 2016, 05:29 by Membership Secretary   [ updated 30 Nov 2016, 05:30 ]
With Winter well on it's way, ice and snow can impact on our coaching sessions and Club runs. If there is any doubt as to whether sessions will be affected, please check our facebook page (you don't need to have a facebook account to view it here )
You can also check our Twitter feed @StonWheelers or look at the right hand side of the website home page, where the news feed is displayed. We will give as much notice as possible, but please note that for our Saturday morning youth coaching sessions we may be unable to give a decision until we have got to the circuit and inspected it. We will try to confirm before 9.30am.

Also please remember that riders need to be dressed properly for the conditions with a number of layers available that can be adjusted as needed. We have a duty of care to our members, and any children coming to our coaching sessions without appropriate clothing (arms and legs covered and gloves available) will not be permitted to take part in the session. Frozen fingers and joints can affect bike handling and the ability to change gear and brake, putting the rider and others at risk.