Vonleibchens Siberian Cats

I am not breeding at this time and currently only have adults for sale
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Original Starpoint Page
(first siberians in USA)

Retired Alters
Daisy Mae


28 Mar 12 Luther and Lulu

10 May 12 
Haley, McDreamy, Moonstruck (SOLD)


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  Siberians lack the Feld-1 protein in their saliva and are considered hypo-allergenic,
making them a great pet choice for allergy sufferers



Cattery registered with ACFA, CFA and TICA
  Our siberians are part of our family, most are raised underfoot and have the full run of our home. They greet us when we come home, follow us everywhere we go, and yes, they sleep next to us, and usually on us, at night.  Some of my cats and kittens have their own housing area with large group outside runs that are completely escape proof. They come in and out as they want.  Fresh air, shade, sunshine, safe from outside animals (at least what doesn't come near the chain link that they don't grab at) cat furniture, cedar trees, toys, automatic waterfall waterer, litter robot; and are fed a variety of food such as raw meat of beef, including Blue Ribbon Kitten Raw, Iams, Science Diet and Newman canned food, NOW, Royal Canin, Life Abundance and their all time favorites Natural Instinct and Wilderness. 
 Siberians are smart, curious, inquisitive, playful, extremely quick, catch every fly and moth they can find, and must know where you are at all times.  They are the dogs of the cat world due to their loyal devotion to you.   
They tip-toe in their bath water, purr extensively, quicker than superman, and are gentle as a baby. 

 If interested in our Siberians please contact us
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We breed and show our cats by the Code of Ethics from TICA and CFA
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