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Below you will find our Pricing and Policis regarding our Services.

If you have not found what you need, please feel free to email us and we will see if we can be of assistance to you.

We believe that Happy Customers are Return Customers.


By Hour: $25.00 hourly rates are billed at 15 minute increments -with 1 hour minimum. Billable hours also include physical meetings, conference calls, as well as time spent on study, background reading and research time that pertains to working on the project.

By Project
: We will review your product specifications and provide you with an estimate before we start working on your project. All project quotes are ESTIMATES and subject to change. No changes will be made without your notification.

Data Entry: Rates for entering names and addresses for database mailing list are billed at $0.10 cents per entry.

Typing: Typed pages less than 200 will be billed 1.58 per page. If it is typed from handwritten manuscript it will then be 1.98 per page.

Web Page Design :We charge $300 for the first 4 pages and $75.00 for each additional page.

Web Maintenance is $35.00 per hour.

Search Page submission and web page optimization is $35.00 per hour.

Registration of Domain name and hosting cost more depending on where YOU wish to host your site.

We have recommendations so talk to us before YOU just grab any one. We don't want YOU paying an arm and a leg just to get your site up.

Additional Expenses: Any expenses that come up during the project are added to the regular hourly rate and you will receive an invoice via email or fax at the end of the project. These expenses would include things such as, special paper stock, outside printing if it is needed, long distance telephone charges that are incurred due to your project, postal and express shipping costs etc.

If we need to learn specific software used exclusively for your company, then you must pay for my time as we learn your new software. Also if you require that we read and review any written material or websites about your company, again the time spent is billed to the client.

RUSH or Holiday Service: In the event that you need your project done in a rush, or on a weekend or holiday then we must charge more for this service. The total surcharge will be 25% of the finished project agreement added to the invoice.

The final proofreading is to be done by your company. We will be happy to correct any errors that are reported within 24 hours free of charge.

Confidentiality: All project information will be held in total confidentiality.

Delivery: Documents will be returned by e-mail, fax, diskette or cd as agreed upon before the project begins. Email delivery is free of charge Mail that does not fit in a regular #10 envelope or is over the normal mailing rate as a letter will be billed current UPS rates. All files are virus-checked prior to transmission.

Payment Plans

For your convenience we have two payment plans.

1) You may send 40% of your payment with your purchasing agreement. The balance of payment is due when the work is completed for you. Once we receive full payment we will send the completed work to you. You may ask to see part of the work before sending the final payment if you wish.

2) You may send Full payment with your purchasing agreement. After the work is completed it will be sent directly to you. Again, if you wish to see a part of the work at any time, let us know and we will be glad to let you now how it is coming along.

Payment Methods: Payment may be made via PayPal, (they accept visa and mastercard) by Cash or Certified Cheque.

We have the equipment and experience to assist YOU as your online office. Whether YOU are an individual, or a large organization, YOU need to keep administration costs to a minimum. No task is too small or large. YOU can count on us to handle all information confidentially.

No matter how you look at it, it is a Win-Win Situation. YOU get the benefits of a professional, skilled, personal assistant without the expenses of a regular employee, or the agency fees from hiring a "temp".

Sharron Myers
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