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Listed below are descriptions of the various services that we are able to offer you. We have a wide range of services including:

Word Processing

Data Entry

Desktop Publishing

Office Support

Web Page Design

Resumes & Cover Letters

If there is something that you need that is NOT here, please feel free to call and we will see what we can do to help you.

Our Word Processing Skills include:

  • Typing,
  • Documents,
  • Reports,
  • Correspondence,
  • Forms,
  • Newsletters,
  • E-zines,
  • Manuals,
  • Articles
  • Conversion of .doc files to html or .pdf.

Our Data Entry Skills include:
  • Information Processing,
  • Database Compilation,

    Get better control over your company's information and manage those lose papers more efficiently. Turn your paper and hard copy data into powerful workable, databases.

    This is great for survey results,

  • Mailing lists,
  • Warranties,
  • Coupons,
  • Contact List Creation and Maintenance.

Our Desktop Publishing Skills include:
  • Manuals,
  • Flyers,
  • Brochures,
  • Leaflets,
  • Booklets,
  • Newsletters,
  • Business Questionnaires,
  • Cards,
  • Menus,
  • Price Lists,
  • Marketing materials,
  • Calendars,
  • Special Occasions Wedding and Party invitations.
  • Conversion of documents into html or .PDF files
Our Office Support Includes:

  • Filing,
  • Faxing,
  • Envelope Stuffing,
  • Photocopying,
  • Collating,
  • Scanning etc.

Our Resume & Cover Letter

Today's job market is tough so it's important to make a good first impression. Your resume will get seen by prospective employees before YOU do.

Make sure YOU make a good first impression with a resume prepared by von Have Enterprises. We can update your current resume or prepare your first one. We can also assist YOU with your cover letter if YOU wish.

Our Web Page Design Skills : Here you can check out some of the web design pages we have done already. 

Power Motivation
Serene Aromatherapy

Our Prices are very Reasonable:

We charge $300 for the first 4 pages and $75.00 for each additional page.

Web Maintenance is $35.00 per hour.

Search Page submission and web page optimization is $35.00 per hour.

Registration of Domain name and hosting cost more depending on where YOU wish to host your site.

We have recommendations so talk to us before YOU just grab any one. We don't want YOU paying an arm and a leg just to get your site up.

Call us today and let us help you reach your goals.