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Welcome to The Virtual Assistance F.A.Q. Page. There are many people who do not fully understand what a virtual assistant is and what they do. 

This F.A.Q. is prepared so that YOU can become informed on this new style of administrative assistant and aid your decision making regarding your choices for this type of service. 


  1) What is a Virtual Secretary?

    A Virtual Assistant is very similar to other administrative assistants/Secretaries. The differences are that a Virtual Assistant (VA) doesn't work in YOUR Office. A Virtual Assistant works from home or from his/her own office. He/She is hired as you would hire any other contractor; for example a free lance writer.
    Because he/she has his/her own business, office and equipment they are more like business partners unlike a secretary you hire. They are offering a service much like a secretary, but most VA's also do Web Design and Desktop Publishing etc. Here we see how a VA differs from a regular secretary that you would hire. He/She is a partner, just as any other contractor would be.

2) Why Would I Hire a Virtual Assistant instead of a regular Secretary?

  • YOU can improve production and eliminate backlogs
  • YOU can outsource some of your office work to facilitate your operations and cut the costs of operation for their business.
  • YOU can operate efficiently at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee.
  • YOU can save on the costs of establishing and running an office, if YOU are a small business your office can be virtual.
  • YOU can spend more time being productive
  • YOU can be more organized
  • YOU can lower your stress levels.


You must consider the COST of Hiring a Regular Employee:

  • Training
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Health Insurance
  • Workman's Compensation
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Sick Leave
  • Holiday Pay
  • Benefit Packages
  • Overtime and Double Time

3) What are the Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

  • YOU pay only for hours worked
  • YOU don't need to computer train them
  • YOU don't have to pay for sick days or holiday pay
  • YOU don't need extra office space
  • YOU can concentrate on the important things.
  • YOU can stay on top of the virtual mountain of paperwork YOU must deal with everyday.
    With modern communication methods, distance is not a problem. Secretaries no longer need to be in the same town, or even the same country. They can work for YOU from anywhere in the world. With Fax, e-mail, instant messengers and regular postal mail, it is very easy to communicate.

4) Do I really Need a Virtual Assistant?

IF you are not convinced yet, please be sure to take our Quiz

Sharron Myers

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