Swedish Car Parts and Service carries the Quality New, Used and Rebuilt Volvo replacement parts you are looking for!   At Swedish Car Parts and Service, we take pride in the preservation and maintenance of what we believe to be one of the finest automobiles on the road, your Volvo. We take great care in the disassembly and storage process as to insure the quality of each used part. 

    In addition to thousands of used orignal Volvo parts, we also carry a complete line of new and rebuilt high quality Volvo replacement parts. We specialize in 200 and 700 series Volvo cars with a constantly growing and changing inventory. Including older 140, 160 series and the newer 850 and 900 series, we maintain one of the most up to date inventories available.

    Swedish Car Parts and Service warehouses new, rebuilt and used parts alike. Unlike many companies selling used Volvo parts, we inspect, identify, label, and shelve each used part after disassembly of the used vehicle. We have in stock, body parts, engine parts, transmissions, and brake parts, just to name a few. We also have many complete used Volvo cars in stock.


The word VOLVO is a registered trademark. 
Swedish Car Parts and Service is not associated with VOLVO cars of North America or any of its affiliates.