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Plataforma Andaluza de Voluntariado (Malaga, Spain)

The Plataforma Andaluza de Voluntariado, PAV (The Andalusian platform of volunteering) is a non profit, non-denominational and apolitical NGO (non-governmental organization). The PAV is composed of different networks of volunteering all over Andalusia (region in South Spain). More than one hundred associations and entities of different fields make up these networks.

The PAV is an organization with its own legal entity. Its main aim is to consolidate a system of coordinating and promoting volunteering among the different associations and entities, the civil service and the citizens in Andalusia.

Nowadays the PAV is composed of eight subregional platforms and networks and is present in every subregion of Andalusia.

Project partners:

SPORTUNION Tirol (Innsbruck, Austria)
SPORTUNION Tirol is a large non-profit organization in the sport sector. We counts as our members over 410 sport clubs located in Tirol. Besides helping its members in vocational training, training of volunteer trainers, financial, legal and organizational matters, the biggest issue of the SPORTUNION TIROL is to create possibilities a nd motivate people in doing sports for a healthy lifestyle. 

Nearly all of those sports club members are volunteers. Without these volunteers the sport system in Austria wouldn’t work as well as it does presently. To maintain this structure SPORTUNION Tirol is keen to develop new ways of recruiting and motivating new members, especially young adults to be part of this voluntary scheme.

FireAID (Frederikssund, Denmark)

FireAid works in the field of rescue and prevention. Volunteers help provide training and information for the prevention of fires; roadaccidents; flooding; fires at sea; hazardous material and chemical incidents; major incidents including terrorist attacks; boat preparedness. FireAid volunteers and volunteer coordinators also help to provide other humanitarian services such as rescuing casualties from a variety of emergency scenarios, and training of the public in different prevention areas. For example, in August 2012 In Kathmandu – Nepal, the volunteers of FireAid delivered special training to the fire-fighters in the Fire and rescue service.

FireAid represents both the world of work (by employing professional Volunteer Coordinators) and the world of training as a VET provider (Accredited by the Danish Emergency Management Agency) offering training for Volunteer Coordinators.

Nëus Jëuni Gherdëina (Ortisei, Italy)

The Nëus Jëuni Gherdëina is an association working as an umbrella organization for volunteer organizations working with young people in Val Gardena (Gherdëina). coordinates and promotes the work of the individual groups. It supports the individual groups in bigger projects, assisting them with organization and undertaking some tasks as for example the advertisement. The umbrella organization is also responsible for establishing and cultivating contacts beyond the valley, primarily with the neighbor valley Val Badia, but also with other youth organizations. In addition, the “Nëus Jëuni” also serves as the voice of young people to the political and governing authorities

Currently Nëus Jëuni Gherdëina has three full-time employees. Two of them are in the youth service work and deal with the coordination and organization of the events of all 28 youth clubs that belong to the umbrella organization Nëus Jëuni Gherdëina , the third person manages the new youth club “Saut" in the House for Youth, Arts and Culture in Ortisei.

Stowarzyszenie WIOSNA (Krakow, Poland)

Stowarzyszenie WIOSNA (literally SPRING Association) was established in 2001. We are a non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote solidarity with the needy, to mediate in the organization of assistance and create a civic society. First and foremost, we want people to effectively help each other; therefore, our project connects families in need with donors and volunteers.

What we do:
• SZLACHETNA PACZKA (literally: Noble Gift) project has been created in order to provide aid to struggling families during Christmas holidays. 
• AKADEMIA PRZYSZŁOŚCI (literally, Academy of the Future)- year-round educational program for children. 

We operate mainly through volunteer work – only last year we cooperated with over 8 000 volunteers and community leaders. All our projects are based on an innovative aid mechanism, which relies on a careful diagnosis of needs and only then involving smart, well-designed and most effective ways of helping people in need, so that it inspires them to change their lives.

CARDO – Národné dobrovoľnícke centrum (Bratislava, Slovakia) 

CARDO – Národné dobrovoľnícke centrum is a non-governmental organization founded in April 2004 in Bratislava in Slovakia. Our aim is to develop volunteerism in Slovakia and also abroad. We support and provide services to volunteers, organize seminars and workshops and cooperate with other voluntary organizations not only in Slovakia but also in other European countries. C.A.R.D.O. is providing services as National volunteer center in Slovakia.“

The Association of Nigerians in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

The Association of Nigerians in Slovenia is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that has been operating since 2005. It was created with the main aim of promoting intercultural dialogue between Slovenians and Nigerians and Africans living in Slovenia. This association seeks to assist and promote: the overall integration of Nigerians/Africans into Slovenian society, good understanding between Nigerians/Africans, and call for greater tolerance towards minorities. It further participates in humanitarian and development activities and encourages the promotion of Nigerian/African culture, people and way of life. The Association provides opportunities through which people from diverse backgrounds can participate, develop skills, and learn through sports, cultural and educational and other social activities.

Our activities include: Support for individuals and Development of Groups in Slovenia, Grassroots representation, Submissions and Advocacy, Voluntary Activities for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised, Trainings, Workshops, Conferences and Seminars, Consultations on cultural issues bearing on Nigeria and Africa.

Mission Statement and Vision:
To be an effective voice for community in Slovenia, with effective representation before government and agencies as we contribute to issues that impact on us. To promote programs that reflects the aspirations of Nigerians in Slovenia and Europe as a whole and to make positive contributions to our community.

Gantalcalá (Seville, Spain) 

Gantacalá is a non-profit organisation of European dimension whose mission is to contribute to the development of a participative, tolerant and supportive society, through education, culture and social inclusion. Our activities (carried out by professionals and local or international volunteers) are divided in seven programmes: Learning Mobility; Intercultural Learning and Multilingualism; Health& Sports; E-Inclusion; Creativity & Social Initiative; Participation & Active Citizenship; and Volunteering.