Mission Statement

The Volunteer Visitors Association, also known as VVA, is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization that seeks dedicated volunteers to visit the isolated and home bound in our community.  Our services are provided primarily to nursing homes in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  We are a grass roots movement that has developed a strategic plan to recruit volunteers on a large-scale basis to provide comforting visits to the elderly, who otherwise would have none or very few at the end of their lives. 

                                                  HOW WE WERE FOUNDED:

Volunteer Visitors Association was founded by area hospice professionals and volunteers who saw the profound need in our community for volunteers to visit our elderly living in nursing homes, hospice facilities and their homes.  While we cared for and visited our hospice clients, we realized that there are too many individuals who are without visitors.  A credible organization was  needed to act and to fill this void.  The organization would provide training and emotional support for all involved, as well as provide the umbrella protection that we felt only a well organized non-profit corporation could.   


                                                 THE VOLUNTEER PROCESS:

We enlist our volunteers through coordination with our local churches, college campuses, businesses and philanthropic organizations; bulletin distribution; information seminars; advertisement via billboard, tv and radio; as well as  news and media releases.  We utilize the Internet for outreach and maintain an active web site.  Volunteer selection is based on an interview process and careful screening to determine if potential candidates can make this commitment of time and love.  We maintain a strong professional support staff to counsel and teach our volunteers.

                                                          OUR OPERATIONAL STRUCTURE:

We are a volunteer based organization.  We maintain no salaried positions and utilize independent contractors on an as needed basis only., i.e. contracting professional individuals to perform training classes for our volunteers, guest speakers for events, entertainment, etc.. 


                                                               OUR FUNDING:

Our funds are derived through grants, fundraising events and individual donations.  After the VVA’s annual operating expenses are disbursed, all remaining funds will go directly for the needs of the people being visited in an effort to enhance their everyday lives.  Examples of potential expenditures:  a tv for a resident who is without one and lacks the means to purchase one, clothing for residents in need, snacks, gifts and sundries to raise all residents’ spirits.  If general funds are sufficient, large gifts will be donated to the facilities we serve, so all residents can benefit, i.e., a movie screen and projector for movie nights, hiring entertainment, etc..  All funds are audited by our Board of Trustees and a certified public accountant.  It is an additional goal of VVA, other than providing comforting visits, that seniors will receive gifts small and large to brighten their days.

                                WORKING WITH OTHER NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS:

VVA further seeks to partner with other service driven, non-profit organizations.  When an overflow of volunteers exists, or if some individuals after completion of our training program do not feel visiting in nursing homes is for them, we shall be able to refer them to our partner organizations for placement.  In this manner, the community is not losing a potential volunteer.  VVA wishes to act not only as a provider of volunteers to nursing homes, but a referral system as well for anyone who wants to serve. 


                                                                     PAYING IT FORWARD:

Ultimately, VVA wishes to give back to those who have sponsored and supported our mission.  Since we initially have solicited our operating funds and seed monies via grants, there are tentative plans to establish a future foundation to pay-it-forward, so to speak.  Once we are operating above our fiscal needs, the foundation would provide  grant monies to support new non-profit organizations starting up, thereby continuing a cycle of service and giving back in our community.     


                                                           CONTINUOUS GOAL & MISSION:

However, the Volunteer Visitors Association’s constant and primary mission will always be to relieve loneliness, restore dignity and renew a connection to the outside world for residents residing in our area nursing home facilities.  Through compassion, respect, and recognition of the needs of the elderly and the support of our community, we will strive to enhance the everyday lives of all our citizens.