Progress & Process

    How parents can track of the CMLP and their child’s progress?

    ü  Students will have their quarterly progress report that indicates the programs and seminars attended and student progress in the IMP.

    How is the dismissal process?

    ü  Selection to IMP is a privilege not a right.

    ü  If a student has more than three unexcused absences in any of their group activities, the student will be dismissed from Volunteers for Education College Mentorship and Leadership Program.

    ü  If a student is being disruptive in the group or have bad behavior, student and parent will be called for a meeting with the Program Coordinator.

    ü  If a student is constantly misbehaving, the student could be dismissed from the CMLP.

    ü  If a student`s performance falls below the acceptable levels of the group standards or does not make any improvement, student will be considered for dismissal.