Offers to Students

      CMLP covers 4 major areas; these areas applied to every grade with different levels of intensity and content.

      Academic:  This area involves excellence at SAT/ACT at 10th and 11th Grades. At 9th Grade reading camps and programs with vocabulary building sessions are major focus areas. At senior year this area involves college level class support, in depth college majors, and industry knowledge (professional certifications etc.)

       Physical Fitness: This program involves physical fitness towards getting Congressional Award.  Students choose to excel in one sport, set tangible goals and submit their achievement for the Award Program. The sports activities can be done as CMLP team.  9th and 10th grades have more focus on this portion.

     Character Education:  This portion of the program involves personal development. Poster activity, book report cards, essay writing or research on historical role models and character traits like honesty, integrity are major focus areas.  It also involves camping and cottage programs to develop self-reliance and team spirit skills. This phase is covered at same level for all grade levels.

      Career Planning:  This involvement is designed to increase awareness on major selection for college.  Students make visits to high ranking colleges especially Ivy League Colleges or equals, different professional careers; law offices, court houses, hospitals, major IT departments and similar professions.