College Mentorship and Leadership Program

        CMLP program is a multi face program, designed to prepare selective students to top Colleges. This program designed after a summer seminar at Harvard College on college admissions. What they need from a student is what we added into our program; Great academicals skills, great personality, multiple skills and a never ending curiosity towards knowledge. It is not always perfect scores but most of the time a great personality.  We realized that our school has strong potential in terms of academics, on top of it we decided to step forward and move toward giving schools’ graduates a well rounded graduation resume for top colleges in Reno. Our primary goal is to give an extra edge and reach to our good students so they could be eligible more resources in their college life. Next step is giving the required environment to flourish their untapped skills.

        CMLP is a free college-based mentoring program for selected students that will focus on contributing to the academic achievement and personal development of its participating students.

        The Program consists of multiple disciplines and activities combined into one package by working in small groups with the mentorship of Volunteer Teacher. Each Mentoring group will have approximately 5 students and the Volunteer Mentor Teachers will follow the CMLP curriculum with Mr. Dede (member of volunteer for education) CMLP Coordinator. This program will have developing and continuously improving curriculum and instructional system.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact to the Program Coordinator, Mr. Burhan Ozfidan: