Creating a DC motor

What is a DC Motor?

A dc motor is a device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy and this is seen through the rotation of a coil. The low cost dc motor made from scrap material used basic physics laws and principals. Dc motors work on the principal of Faraday's law where a current carrying wire in the presence of a magnetic field induces a force that is perpendicular to both the current and magnetic field.

Have you ever seen a DC motor represented in an electric circuit? Well if you have, you know they can be complicated to sketch for more complex industrial DC motors. Our sketch isn't as complex because we created a basic DC motor. The image on the left shows the circuit diagram of our simple DC Motor. The image on the right is the actual demonstration of the electronic on the left. 

How to build DC motor:


  1. 2 large paper clips

  2. Connecting wire

  3. 2 rare earth magnets

  4. Small wooden board

  5. Power source i.e. 3V batteries

  6. Tip-ex


  1. Draw a circuit diagram to represent the motor.

  1. Make a coil by wrapping in circles of radius 2.5 cm of 15 windings leaving the two ends open.