Arts and Sciences

In choosing which A&S projects or classes to list, I have listed only those that match the following criteria:

1) Projects or classes I think are particularly interesting in that they helped to expand my knowledge of history or of the craft

2) Projects or classes I think are good examples of the art, in that that they help with the atmosphere of the society

Sadly, I have not in the past documented my projects outside of notes. I will be adding photos (or better photos) of my work as I find the items.

In closing, I chose not to put in every small project, I mean, how many pouch pictures do you want to see?


  1. 1 Wood Working
    1. 1.1 17ft Oak Camp Feast Table
    2. 1.2 Oak Box 
    3. 1.3 Rock Maple Trossingen Lyres 
  2. 2 Metal Working
    1. 2.1 Iron Work
      1. 2.1.1 Pattern Welded Knife Blank 
      2. 2.1.2 Etching on steel 
      3. 2.1.3 Pauldrons 
      4. 2.1.4 Pauldrons 
      5. 2.1.5 Finger Gauntlets
    2. 2.2 Copper Work
      1. 2.2.1 Copper Drinking Bowl
    3. 2.3 Silver Work
      1. 2.3.1 Rings
      2. 2.3.2 Silver Cup
      3. 2.3.3 Viking Wireweave 
    4. 2.4 Casting
      1. 2.4.1 Fighting Tokens
      2. 2.4.2 Belt parts
  3. 3 Glass Working
  4. 4 Leather Working
    1. 4.1 Leather Bollocks Pouch
      1. 4.1.1 Leather Belt with Hand Forged Ring
      2. 4.1.2 Knife Sheath
      3. 4.1.3 Leather Queen Mary Shipwreck Bottle
      4. 4.1.4 Leather Shoes
      5. 4.1.5 Leather Helm Crest
  5. 5 Sewing
    1. 5.1 Arming Shirt
    2. 5.2 Full Round Skirt
    3. 5.3 Tabbards
  6. 6 Tent Maker
    1. 6.1 18ft Mongol Yurt 
    2. 6.2 14th cent Hungarian War Tent 
    3. 6.3 Saxon Upright 
    4. 6.4 12th Cent Sail Pavilion 
    5. 6.5 Norse A-Frame 
    6. 6.6 30X40 Dayshade 
  7. 7 Misc Projects
    1. 7.1 Oil Lamps
  8. 8 Scribal Arts
    1. 8.1 Oak Gall Ink 
  9. 9 Cooking
    1. 9.1 Dish of Roast Rabbit and Roasted Apples 
    2. 9.2 String Roasted Capon 
    3. 9.3 Homemade Sausage cooked in an inedible crust of Salt and Flour 
    4. 9.4 Medieval Bread Oven
    5. 9.5 Fire Spit and Tools
  10. 10 Bardic
    1. 10.1 Poetry
  11. 11 Classes
    1. 11.1 Tent Making Workshop
    2. 11.2 Gorget Making and Basics of Etching
    3. 11.3 Intro to Embroidery
    4. 11.4 Ukrainian Easter Egg Basics
    5. 11.5 Basic Pouch Making Class
    6. 11.6 Full Arm Cannon (In White OR Case Hardened)
    7. 11.7 Oil of Roses Workshop 
    8. 11.8 White Phosphorous 
    9. 11.9 Brewing Workshop
    10. 11.10 Coat of Plates Workshops
    11. 11.11 Wood working Classes-Lyres
  12. 12 Pennsic Classes
    1. 12.1 2004 Pennsic: Roasting Coffee in Medieval Europe
    2. 12.2 2003 Pennsic: Viking Wire Weave Class

Wood Working

17ft Oak Camp Feast Table

17ft Oak Camp Feast Table, 4 matching 8 ft benches, and two matching breakdown Thrones with gold leaf inlay. 
My first major woodworking project, it was modified to be able to be broken down for transport to events. 

Oak Box 

Oak Box, hand cut, planned, and carved. Glued with hide glue.
This was my first attempt at doing an A&S project from start to end in a period manner. I wore period clothing, used tools I made my self on the forge. After I finished it though, I stained it (not period), varnished it with polycrylic (also not period), and when my attempts at tiny hinges failed, used modern brass hinges. Also, in retrospect the tools I made from mild steel were not period in metal (iron would have been better I have since learned). Important lesson, don't do a project like this on a short time budget.

Rock Maple Trossingen Lyres 

Rock Maple Trossingen Lyres with modern zither pins. Tablet Woven wrist straps. My first attempt at making an instrument in a period manner. After the pictures were taken, I moved over to brass wire for a more correct tone.  

Metal Working

Iron Work

I spent three years apprenticed learning the basics of the art of working on iron and steel, most of my work in the last few years has been experimenting with new and CHEEP methods to get traditional results. 

Pattern Welded Knife Blank 

Pattern Welded Knife Blank, using workshop scraps. Done in a Pot Forge with pea coal. It was somewhat easier to make than I had expected, and led me to try out using Damascus on everything for a short while.

Etching on steel 

Etching on steel with household chemicals
Done with Primer, Needle, and one part Hydrochloric Acid (Concrete Cleaner) and two parts Hydrogen Peroxide over one hour. A resist of two coats of primer made for a very easy process I have used since then on many projects.



Pauldrons,backed with felt and with etched brass trim
Etching Reads""Ericius Can Non Exsisto Buggered" or The Hedgehog can not be buggered at all. A long afternoons armoring, and a fun day all around, my first real armor piece.

Finger Gauntlets

A set of Visby Style Gauntlets, in 18 gauge steel, case hardened and attached with copper rivits.

Copper Work

Copper Drinking Bowl

One copper bowl, shaped on a stump. This was my first attempt to shape and stretch copper this much. Embossed my name and household around the edge, and rolled the top edge using railroad spike and hammer on the anvil.

Silver Work


I have made Rings using silver repurposed from solid silverware, including my engagement ring, a small winding trill of ivy.

Silver Cup

I have made two small silver drinking cups, shaped over wood forms with jewelers hammer during a Demo from silver sheet.

Viking Wireweave 

Viking Wireweave, done in Silver Wire with brass end-caps, made as part of a workshop on viking jewelry I did in 2009.


Fighting Tokens

Pewter, cast in soapstone
Set of 20 Thank you tokens for fighting unit. They were enameled and backed in felt. 

Belt parts

Buckles, fittings, and tail ends for 9 sword belts with Atlantian Spikes, and House Hedgehog symbols.

Glass Working

Basic Lampwork of course, in particular a set of beads for a viking treasure necklace.

Leather Working

Leather Bollocks Pouch

Leather Bollocks Pouch, from the merry rose. Five pockets, in oiled leather for the case, and deer skin for the pockets.

Leather Belt with Hand Forged Ring

While I have made, tons of Leather Ring Belts, this one was dark brown with a hand forged and forge welded twisted ring.

Knife Sheath

Knife Sheath for a dagger, back stitch over wetform, with oakgall dye and gut stitching done with bone needle.

Leather Queen Mary Shipwreck Bottle

Leather Queen Mary Shipwreck Bottle, done in vegetable tan leather by hand with sand form, my first real leather project and led me to years of leatherworking afterwards.

Leather Shoes

Leather slippers, 14th cent style with rawhide and hobb treads.

Leather Helm Crest

A Helm crest in leather, stuffed with cloth (this picture is after almost a year of use, which means it was feeling pretty rough.


This is a difficult entry, while there are a ton of pieces I have made, none of them REALLY match the criteria I set out above. Here are a vew examples

Arming Shirt

Made and then appropriated by my wife as an arming shirt.

Full Round Skirt

A full round skirt in linen for my wife with string gather (sitting on one of my first bench making projects!).


I have made many many fighting tabbards with painted edges and crest!

Hungarian Tabbard (left), it had long tie-on sleeves which did not last after the first 5 months of fighting use.

Hungarian Tabbard in Raw Silk, Black and lined with white.

Tent Maker

18ft Mongol Yurt 

18ft Mongol Yurt, Done in Spruce with Rawhide ties for Khana. Canvas instead of the traditional Wool Felt due to lack of interest in felting that much cloth. Shelves and bed also made as well.

14th cent Hungarian War Tent 

35X24ft Pavilion based on 14th cent Hungarian War Tents. The carved Hedghog standard bearers I am very proud of.

Saxon Upright 

12X14 Norse Upright, in Canvas. These are from a workshop I did, as I have made or helped to make over 15 of these VERY simple tents,

12th Cent Sail Pavilion 

Day Shade
Based off a 12th Cent Sail Pavilion.
Table, benches, chair, and cooler box also done by Thomas Handwerker. The table is a conversion of the table from the Knownworld Handbook.

Norse A-Frame 

Norse A-Frame, 14X14
(Frame, convert from a Saxon Upright Wedge) This was a fun project, but I learned that for camping purposes it requires a TON of wood.

30X40 Dayshade 

30X40 Dayshade, extrapolation from a 15th cent painting.
We were hosting the Known World Players at House Hedgehog in the Picture

Misc Projects

Oil Lamps

Olive Oil over water with floating cotton wick. We used these to light the camp for 6 years, all the camp light for $15 for two weeks.

Scribal Arts

Oak Gall Ink 

Oak Gall Ink Making, made from oak galls collected in the wild in the period method


Dish of Roast Rabbit and Roasted Apples 

Dish of Roast Rabbit and Roasted Apples, we killed and cleaned the Rabbit our self. Served at a dinner for 35.

String Roasted Capon 

String Roasted Capon, served with Lintels and Freshmade Bread, served at a dinner for 45.

Homemade Sausage cooked in an inedible crust of Salt and Flour 

Homemade Sausage cooked in an inedible crust of Salt and Flour in the shape of a hedgehog, 100 years war recipe. Served as part of a 3 remove feast I planned out and cooked for my wedding.

Medieval Bread Oven

Medieval Bread Oven (Yes, its Hedgehog Shaped). It was a noble and exciting project that I will never do again. The next one will be done on a cart. We mixed the mud and straw on site. It cooked many a Delicious meal. 

Fire Spit and Tools

Fire Spit and Tools, made in the woodshop and on the forge.



SCAdian Dream- Kenning in the nýgervingar style

Oh, let my cunning-art animate, and my company be Uller-lifted;
Successes-seat, Daphne's mask, my heart-spring to maintain your soupy crown;
And  heart-piercer, child-killer, i would be one, if to with the swan of service sup.

Or rather, in much plainer and boring manner;

Oh, let my craft be an inspiration to all, and bring glory to my society and my self.

Let me one day rise to the laurel

And sit with the pelican


All class photos have been chosen to show off the students work after learning the skill from me. Also, no classes that were done for profit have been displayed.

Tent Making Workshop

Tent Making Workshop
We made 6 A-frames and Three Yurts in a single weekend!

Gorget Making and Basics of Etching

Gorget Making and Basics of Etching Class that was added on after they finished the gorgets in half the time allotted.

Intro to Embroidery

Intro to Embroidery Class. Students were taught the first 6 basic stitches to make the assorted parts of the flowers.

Ukrainian Easter Egg Basics

Ukrainian Easter Egg Basics I do each Easter with period tools and in a period manner (Though I have not used the more dangerous dyes in quite a while, instead using boxed dyes)

Basic Pouch Making Class


Intro to Leatherworking - Basic Pouch Making Class. Students learn all the basics of doing leatherwork, and make a simple pouch. From drafting a pattern, to stitches and finishing work.

Full Arm Cannon (In White OR Case Hardened)

Basics Of Metal Shaping - Full Arm Cannon (In White OR Case Hardened). Students worked with sheet metal, and made a set of late period arm cannons and brass setting.

Oil of Roses Workshop 

Oil of Roses Workshop, a simple class on the basics of perfumery and distilling scents done right after valentines day.

White Phosphorous 

White Phosphorous Johann Kunckel method.
An Experiment Workshop. We were only partially able to produce the desired effect trying to translate assorted period manuals into a method. We ended up with a single grain of phosphorous that would glow in the dark. 

Brewing Workshop

A month long workshop, each student made a Raspberry Cordial, Mead, Clerrey, Red Ale, Ginger Beer, and Herbal Root Beer and learned all the basic styles of brewing and infusing. 

Coat of Plates Workshops

Many many many Coat of Plates Workshops. Canvas with picklebarrel plates, they allow for a $50 investment a fighter to get a very pretty body armor kit. In the above picture you can see two different suits from two different years.

Wood working Classes-Lyres

Lyre Class, one for which is was their first wood working class

Pennsic Classes

2004 Pennsic: Roasting Coffee in Medieval Europe

Students learned the history of and roasted coffee then brewed a pot of turkish coffee after grinding it.

2003 Pennsic: Viking Wire Weave Class

Student learned the history of and wove a Viking wire bracelet.