New Site for Volcano Flyers

Web Site for the Volcano Flyers.  Volcano Flyers is a radio control model club based in Hawaii, and is a Charter Club of the AMA.

Hope to see you at the Field soon.
 check the roads before entering, could have some muddy spots.
Also be careful Reservoir is full now, so New Route to the Field. at first turn. Turn UP (right)
NOT Down , you must go along big reservoir  going up, then at top follow fence line , then come down , to the old cross road and Runways end. From there you can get to parking area behind Orange and white Building. 

We are accepting New members
Contact us
See Announcement section for Latest info.
Use the Weather Section to Plan your Flying Day

Please Review the 2011 Safety Code and Follow it. 
Runway Ligths & windSocks
If you need further info you can email us at
 or Our New contact email
UPDATE Oct 14 2009
You can Now subscribe to Pages 
We have  100% of the old web site here now . in fact
all the old posts are here now , with attachments and images all intact .
Even Comments from Visitors ;)
you can find all of the old web site posts, of the Volcano Flyers story by going to the site navigation
Located on the Left Hand side , click "Old Web Site Stuff"
The first post listed is always whited out like a selection. if you click its title it will be normal.
another way is to click "site Map" then drill down to what ever post you want to read .
This is how its actually intended to be used. so no white stuff ;)
We are now working on New Content for the Site .
We have also Purchased a Domain, just working on the details.
domain location for site is
Feel Free to Explore the site, we will be adding new content, as time goes by , Thank You for Stopping By
Thanks Blade ! (for testing the site) :P
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