Precautionary Measures (After Eruption)

Here are precautionary measures after volcanic eruptions:
1. Go back to your house but leave the kids behind someone who can take care of them while you check your house.
2. Clean everything around and check all damages incurred.
3. Use masks while cleaning ash and other debris.
4. Wait for further announcements related to the volcano activities.
5. Make sure that your house is still safe for all of you.
Volcanic eruptions could be handled easier than earthquakes because there are early signs before the actual eruption so you are already prepared at the time of eruption. Always take precautionary measures in order to avoid serious problems.

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It is best to stay away from the area affected by the volcano. Poisonous gases can rise out of the ash and any lava may not be completely solidified, you could fall through. Sometimes there are pockets of gas buried in the volcanic ash, so don't dig through it, the gas will usually work its way out, but that could take a long time.