Sustain, Learn and Grow through eLearning
The Volcanics eLearning Community is a self-sustaining group of secondary schools based in the Central North Island.  It is a collaborative cluster based around elearning.  Curriculum delivery and professional learning are catered for through an online environment.  Schools that wish to widen their curriculum, remove subject clashes, link staff/specialist groups or deliver professional development around elearning pedagogy will find major advantages to belonging to Volcanics.

Volcanics also provides schools with membership to the charitable trust, the Virtual Learning Network Community    This enables Volcanics schools to access courses nationally.  Conversely, non-Volcanics schools can apply to enrol their students in Volcanics courses.  Most NCEA subjects and some other National Qualification Framework courses are available nationally at Levels One, Two and Three.  Some courses are also available for Year 9 and 10 - particularly in languages.  A sports mentoring programme is available and tertiary study is available through Telford.

Video-conferencing, email, Google Docs, Google Sites, Skype and Ultranet are some of the tools used by eTeachers and eStudents for learning.  A video-conference session is timetabled once a week.  The other tools are used for setting work, collecting work and providing assistance.

Volcanics is an  open community. Each member school is required to contribute resourcing annually.  Please contact the ePrincipal Sara Field eprincipalvol@gmail.com if you would like more information.