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  • Calle Fenix 2

    Posted by Claire Huss at 5/24/2012
    Watch the 8th graders' Viral Videos!

  • Cinco de Mayo

    Posted by Claire Huss at 5/4/2012
    Cinco de Mayo
    Many people think that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day. But what is it really? Find out more by watching these videos: 

    De la Sierra Morena,
    Cielito lindo, vienen bajando,
    Un par de ojitos negros,
    Cielito lindo, de contrabando.
    Ay, ay, ay, ay,
    Canta y no llores,
    Porque cantando se alegran,
    Cielito lindo, los corazones.
    De tu casa a la mía,
    Cielito lindo, no hay más que un paso,
    ...Cielito lindo, dame un abrazo.

  • La Feria de Abril de Sevilla

    Posted by Claire Preston at 4/27/2012
    la feria de abril
    ¡Es la primavera! Two weeks after Semana Santa (Holy Week), Seville, Spain celebrates the April Fair. Kids in Seville only have two weeks of school in April. ¡Ole!
    In class we also looked at the famous dancing horses of Andalucia, which is the southern region of Spain. Remember that the Spanish brought the first horses to the new world during the Columbian Exchange.

  • El Rey Y Yo

    Posted by Claire Preston at 3/14/2012
                     Los Angeles Negros  
                  El Rey Y Yo Remix  
    Here are the lyrics:
    Hubo una vez un gran Rey
    que tenía muchas tierras,
    un castillo y tambien un amor.
    Pero los caprichos de este amor
    con el tiempo sin castillo
    y sin tierras lo dejó.

    Hoy el Rey no puede ser feliz
    porque no tiene ni castillo ni amor
    Hoy el Rey
    no puede ser feliz
    porque no tiene ya su amor.

    Yo también contigo fui feliz
    mi amor y mi dinero te di
    y hoy pobre y solo lloro por ti
    Here is the Prezi for this song (and your introduction to the preterite tense).

  • "Papeles Mojados" by Chambao

    Posted by Claire Preston at 12/28/2011
    In the 8th grade classes we listened to a song called "Papeles Mojados" by the Spanish band, Chambao. This song addresses immigration.
    Here is the official video that we watched in class.  And this link takes you to a video with the lyrics.


    Papeles Mojados

    Miles de sombras cada noche trae la marea
    navegan cargados de ilusiones
    que en la orilla se quedan.

    Historias del dia a dia
    historias de buena gente
    se juegan la vida cansados,
    con hambre y un frio que pela.

    Ahogan sus penas con una candela
    ponte tu en su lugar
    el miedo que sus ojos reflejan
    la mar se echó a llorar.

    Muchos no llegan
    se hunden sus sueños Canciones de Chambao
    papeles mojados, papeles sin dueños.

    Frágiles recuerdos a la deriva
    desgarran el alma
    calados hasta los huesos,
    el agua los arrastra sin esperanza
    la impotencia en sus gargantas
    con sabor a sal
    una bocaná de aire
    les daba otra oportunidad.

    Tanta injusticia me desespera
    ponte tu en su lugar
    el miedo que sus ojos reflejan.
    la mar se echó a llorar.


    Wet Papers

    Every night the tide brings thousands of shadows
    They sail with deep and heartfelt hopes
    That in the banks are left.

    Everyday stories
    Stories of good people
    They risk their own lives, tired,
    Starving and in the freezing cold.

    They drown their sorrows with a bonfire
    Put yourself in their place
    The fear that their eyes reflect
    The sea began to mourn

    Many don't arrive.
    Their dreams sink. Chambao's songs
    Wet papers, papers without owners

    Fragile memories to drift
    Tear the soul
    Drenched through
    Water drags them, hopeless
    Powerlessness in their throats
    with the flavor of salt
    A breath of air
    gave them another chance.

    So much injustice exasperates me
    Put yourself in their place
    The fear that their eyes reflect
    The sea began to mourn



  • Eurovision and "Eres Tú" by Mocedades

    Posted by Claire Preston at 11/21/2011
    Eurovision Song Contest Baku 2012
    The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the longest running television shows in the world. After 56 years, the contest is one of the most typical European traditions and without doubt, Europe's favorite TV show! In 2005, the Eurovision Song Contest celebrated its 50th anniversary.This year's semifinals will be held on 22 May and 24 May 2012, with the final on 26 May 2012, in the city of Baku,   Azerbaijan.

    Here is the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Contest: Norway's Alexander Rybak “Fairytale”.

    Spain’s group, Mocedades, won the Eurovision contest in 1973 with their song, “Eres tú.”  And here is the karaoke version of the song!
  • Siete Mil Millones

    Posted by Claire Preston at 10/25/2011
    siete mil millones
    In Spanish, "seven billion" is said as "seven thousand million," or siete mil millones.
    According to many sources, the seven billionth person will be born this week.
     Countdown to Seven Billion
    This website provides a world population clock and countdown counter that are based on the estimates of the United Nations and will show the same number wherever you are in the world and whatever time you set on your PC. 
    Here are the videos we watched in class:
    And here's a link to an interesting video in Spanish about this topic.