Sample WL VoiceThreads

Most of the VoiceThreads I am including on this page are in Spanish or French.  Others are in English, included simply because I feel that they are good examples of the types of activities you can do with voicethreads in any language.

You can also find your own, by going to VoiceThread, clicking browse and typing the targeted language into the search.

Oh, and I added a final category (More Resources), since I didn't know until fairly recently that some of you (not in WL) were coming today.  Welcome!

Where are you?
Connect with anyone, anywhere!

World Travels
Inspire the kids to become world travelers.  When I was 16, my french teacher inspired me to make Le Mont Saint Michel a goal.   I went, and when my kids were the same age, I took them too!  My daughter wrote about her experience for her college essay.

What Could it Mean?
Cultural photos from all over the world.

Monster Cards
Take a photo of a child's artwork.  Then use it for a voicethread.

Picture Writing
Tell a poem, story, fairytale, and ask questions. Have your students change the ending.

Getting a New Haircut
A VoiceThread can be about anything! I love the "voice" in this thread. A day at school, or a new haircut.

Did you know?
Here is a way to include specific content.


La Familia Rivera
One way to talk about families.

Mi Familia
Another way to talk about families. Also an example of a student project.

El Caballo Mysterioso
A digital story created as a group project.

A Conocer San José Costa Rica
How about a tour?

¿Que pasa en la playa?
My favorite place!
French was my second language.  Wish I could remember it all!

Qui suis je?
Pronunciation and vocabulary

Voici Sylvie
A great example of using the drawing tool while teaching vocabulary!

Ma Maison

Colors for Grade 1
I would love your input on this.  How does it fit in with your philosophy on second language acquisition?

French Fun
Don't you just love kids?

French Café
Yum Yum!

I have no idea what they're saying, but it looks like they're having fun!

More Resources
VoiceThread's education site has a wealth of k12 ideas and examples. Click Browse and type a subject area in the search field to find examples.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill gives us a great way to think about using voicethreads in all content areas in order to demonstrate, explain, interpret, practice, analyze, report, critique, show off, and have fun!

K12 Voicethread Wiki

If you'd like , you can also go to a cultural exchage and comment on the thread.