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Each generation needs to define what it means to be a volunteer.

For some of us, we know the importance of tithing and giving our time.  For others, the value of volunteering is overlooked.
$21.36 (in 2010)*

In 2010 volunteers gave 8.1 billion hours.The total estimated value of volunteer service in 2010 reached $173 billion with the proportion of volunteers serving more than 100 hours increasing from 33.2 percent in 2009 to 33.8 percent in 2010.

Voices of Volunteers is a for-profit service that guides non-profit orgnaizations in getting their message out.

Many of the techniques that we use can be learned by volunteers in your organization.  THe "VofV" campaign is here for you as an external contractor until you decide to take these functions in-house.  

Our ongoing effort is to encourage non-profit organizations to reach out to schools and others with DVDs and audio CDs, both carrying messages to basic questions to volunteers.  When people outside your organization hear about your current volunteers and how they become involved, who knows what magic will take place?

Call for participation
Does your organization have volunteers who want to be included in our ongoing project to document volunteerism?

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Elaine Faber volunteers for several non-profit organizations in Fort Lauderdale.  "We need to revive the notion that we give back to the community -- and in tough times, we can give back with time and energy."

Everyone counts in large amounts
-- Depeche Mode

Steve McCrea introduced the "quick video concept" (described at VideoKwik.com) in 2005 with the documentary about Dennis Littky's school in Providence, RI.  

Steve and Elaine deliver quick video productions for non-profit organizations:  
summaries of meetings
Youtube and Facebook mini-vids
Short messages for email blasts

Hire us to shoot your events or show you how to turn your news into video messages.  

You can produce your videos in-house

EveryoneIsHere.com  = a trademarked way to include absent members in reunions, conferences and other meetings -- use Youtube and websites to connect and make sure that "everyone is here."


Bonnet House video (3 minutes)

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