Singing for the Pope

The Arab Jewish Community Center operates as a multicultural center in

a variety of fields and promotes increasing understanding and tolerance

among individuals, from all age groups, facing the complex daily reality

of coming from different backgrounds and cultures.


Our Center is open to all religions, genders, nationalities and races and

allows people, as individuals and communities, to live together while

cooperating and maintaining their unique cultural identity.


The AJCC has ties with various organizations in Israel and the rest of

the world, in an effort to advance understanding and tolerance. Through

these ties, we exchange ideas, improving the services that we offer.


The Voices of Peace choir is a perfect example of one of our unique programs, as it promotes cooperation and tolerance while upholding democratic principles. We pray that the choir, along with our additional, diverse actionsm, will lead to a better, joint future.

With all of my love and respect,

Ibrahim Abu Shindi

Director of the Arab Jewish Community Center in Jaffa