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Von By-Laws

Voices of Newport Choir Boosters


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Article I - Name


The name of this organization shall be Voices of Newport Choir Boosters, also to be known as Voices of Newport, or VON.


Article II - Purpose


A.   Voices of Newport Choir Boosters is a non-profit organization devoted to fundraising and enriching the educational and performing opportunities for Newport High School choir students.


B.  Activities may include the following:

            1.  Communication to parents/guardians and the community about upcoming choir performances, competitions or fundraising events or earned awards via written or email notices or notices in the Newport High School PTSA Newsletter (currently called the Knightline).

            2.  Coordination with the choir director to help fund and assist with arrangements for some field trips, performances and/or educational opportunities with vocal arts industry professionals to benefit students.

            3.  Response to written requests from the choir director, upon formal approval by school administration, for student scholarship assistance, as approved by the current governing board.

            4.  Encouragement to choir parents/guardians to volunteer with Voices of Newport and/or with the choir director’s requests for volunteers and chaperones.

            5.  Coordination of fundraising events as approved by the current governing board.


C.  Voices of Newport Choir Boosters shall operate for educational purposes in support of the Newport High School Choir Department and as a club governed by the Articles of Incorporation of the Knights Fine Arts Boosters, also known as KFAB.  Such operation shall be within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code as defined in the Knights Fine Arts Boosters Articles of Incorporation.  KFAB shall carry insurance which covers the KFAB club members.


Article III - Membership


A.  Any community member who has an interest in supporting the Newport High School choir may be a member.  If there are to be any dues for membership, such dues shall be by “suggested donation” only so as not to exclude any member for financial reasons.  The “suggested donation” amount shall be voted upon at a regular meeting.


B.  Directors and/or teachers in any Newport High School choir program and students of Newport High School shall be non-voting members, and shall not be subject to any “suggested donation”.



C.  Voting members shall be the current governing board and any other adult voting members present at general meetings.


Article IV - Financing


A.  This organization shall be a non-profit corporation as established under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, with all rights and privileges thereof.


B.  Voices of Newport shall maintain a checking account at a local bank with a minimum of three governing board members as signers on file.  At least two authorized signers shall be required on each check and, for the protection of these individuals; these two signers shall be unrelated.


C.  Voices of Newport shall have a debit card associated with the checking account.  A quorum vote (Article IX, B,1) in advance (Article VII, C.) shall be required for each transaction for which the debit card is used. 


Article V - Officers


Section 1 - Officers


A. The governing board of this organization shall consist of the following elected officers:



Vice President



Past President/Board Member


B.  The officers of this organization shall assume duties by the 1st of July.


C.  The term of an elected position shall be one (1) fiscal year.


Section 2 - Qualifications


A.  Any voting adult member is eligible to hold office.


Section 3 – Elections


A.  The outgoing officers will be the nominating committee.  They will solicit nominations from the membership and coordinate the process.  The membership will be encouraged to self-nominate as well.



B.  All officer elections shall take place during general membership meetings.  A candidate shall have a majority of votes cast to be elected.  If no candidate receives a majority, the vote shall be retaken.


C.  A vacancy occurring during the year in an office shall be filled through appointment by the governing board.  This member shall be “acting” until officially approved at the next general membership meeting. 


D.  The upcoming year’s officers shall be nominated prior to or at the general meeting of the spring choir concert.  Following elections at the general meeting, newly elected officers will be expected to attend the remaining year’s meetings to observe and begin the transition.


Section 4 – Duties of Officers


A. President

            1.  Shall preside at all meetings.

            2.  Shall act as the spokesperson at performances, events and other meetings when       necessary.


B. Vice President

            1.  Shall assume the duties of the President in case of absence or incapacity of the                     President.

            2.  Shall assist the President when called upon.


C.  Secretary

            1.  Shall keep a careful, detailed and authentic record of the proceedings of the                           meetings.  A copy of the minutes shall be provided to the board in a timely                          manner after each meeting.

            2.  Shall read all papers that may be called for.

            3.  Shall be responsible for all necessary correspondence.

            4.  Shall keep an accurate attendance record of all meetings.

            5.  Shall insert a copy of the minutes into the VON binder for organizational            records.

            6.  Shall keep a list of members for operational purposes and to be recorded into      the VON binder.


D.  Treasurer

            1.  Shall keep all records of Voices of Newport finances.

            2.  Shall oversee the preparation of an annual budget, if one is so approved.

            3.  Shall disburse all funds of the organization as required.

            4.  Shall annually monitor and maintain our 501 (c) (3) status with the IRS in           cooperation with and as directed by the Knights Fine Arts Boosters.

            5.  Shall provide all financial materials needed by other members for the       performance of their duties.

            6.  Shall provide a current financial statement at every meeting.




E.  Past President/Board Member

            1.  The prior year’s past president shall serve in a voting position on the governing board to provide continuity and clarification to VON operations.

            2.  If the past president is unable or unwilling to serve in this capacity, the    governing board shall appoint another VON member who has actively           

            participated in previous years and who shall be confirmed into this board position,   as with any other board appointed position, at the next general meeting.


F.  Voices of Newport shall have one or two representatives, with at least one of these to be from the governing board, to represent VON at the KFAB organization meetings and to vote there on issues presented to the clubs of KFAB.  Such representative(s) may also hold an office on the KFAB governing board.


G.  Any project/committee chairpersons shall keep track of and document their project/committee work and pass on the details to be recorded by inserting notes into the VON binder for future reference.


Article VI - Meetings


A.  A general meeting shall be defined as one held in conjunction with a choir event, or called by special notice, to engage as many members as possible.  A regular meeting shall be defined as one held on a monthly or semimonthly basis which may be primarily for the governing board and any committee chairs, but is always open to all members.  Adequate notice shall be sent prior to upcoming meetings.


B.  Meetings shall be held a minimum of six times per year, including at least two general meetings.


C.  It is suggested that a general meeting be held prior to and/or in conjunction with the fall concert to share information and to encourage participation as well as to vote on any outstanding issues. 


D.  It is suggested that a general meeting be held prior to and/or in conjunction with the spring concert to nominate and elect officers for the upcoming year as well as to vote on any outstanding issues.


E.  Additional meetings may be held as often as necessary.


F.  It is suggested that copies of the meeting minutes as written, or a summarized version, be sent to the general membership on a regular basis each year to keep the general membership informed of the VON activities and to encourage future participation.




Article VII – Funds


A.  The fiscal year for Voices of Newport shall be the same as that of Knights Fine Arts Boosters which currently commences July 1st and concludes June 30th.


B.  Revenue shall come primarily from fundraising and donations.  All contributions shall be governed by the limitations as prescribed by law in Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS Code and the limitations prescribed by any subsequent changes in said Code.  (Example –

any drawings as fund raisers must be approved and coordinated with KFAB as there is currently a limit on the number of raffle activities allowed for this type of organization which includes all the clubs in KFAB.)


C.  Expenses shall be submitted for prior approval by a majority of the voting members per Article IX – voting Rights and Procedures.


D.  Voices of Newport Choir Boosters shall adhere to the Associated Student Body Rules and Regulations prescribed by the Bellevue School District.


E.  At the end of each school year, a minimum of $2,000 shall be carried over into the following year for operational expenses incurred prior to that next year’s fundraising opportunities.


F.  Voices of Newport financial records may be audited annually, if requested by the board, each fiscal year by two adult volunteer members not on the governing board.  If there are no volunteers, two shall be appointed by the governing board.


Article VIII – Amendments to Bylaws


Amendments to the Voices of Newport bylaws may be proposed at any meeting.  The amendment must be moved and seconded and the floor may then be opened to discussion.  The proposal shall then go to the governing board.  The board shall examine the pros and cons of the proposed amendment and bring its recommendations back to the membership at the next general meeting, provided that adequate notice of the meeting with the proposed agenda has been provided.  A vote shall be taken and a two thirds (2/3) majority of voting members present shall be required for passage of the amendment.


Article IX – Voting rights and Procedures


A.  Voting Rights – All adult voting members are entitled to one vote.


B.  Voting Procedures

1.  A quorum shall consist of at least three voting members including a majority of the governing board.

            2.  Face-to-face voting is the preferred method for making decisions.  However,       other voting methods such as email or phone voting may be used for expediting            

            urgent business items.

            3.  Both meeting and face-to-face voting results must be published when the             resolution is declared as passed or rejected and included in the next set of meeting             minutes recorded by the secretary.



These Voices of Newport Bylaws are passed and dated July 5, 2011 and signed by the following governing board members:





Diane Guest, President






Heather Smith, Vice President





Sally Hands, Treasurer