True Independence

for Israelis & Palestinians


Jewish and Palestinian citizens of

Commemorate together Memorial Day, Nakba Day, and the Day of Independence

Organized by a group of Arab and Jewish activists-

With the support of the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace in Giv'at Haviva


We invite you to a unique two-day event

Wednesday – Thursday, 7th-8th of May, 2008


To respect and commemorate the pain and loss on both sides

And to create a shared independence 


At the end of 6 decades of a forced partnership

We ask to choose our shared life once again without fear and without denial

and together to deal with challenges of responsibility, mutual acceptance,

healing and creativity for a better future.

*    *     *

On the Israeli day of independence, Palestinians in Israel and outside, commemorate the "Nakba" day, which means the "catastrophe".

For the last 60 years, the Jews were accustomed to commune with their pain on Memorial Day, and celebrate their joy on Independence Day, as exclusive events for the Jewish public. On the other side, the Arabs in Israel were accustomed to conceal their pain for the heavy loss they experienced with the establishment of the State of Israel.

The holiday of the Israeli Day of Independence, by its very nature, suggests nostalgic  celebrations for the winners and disregards the defeated.

On this holiday, feelings of separation, estrangement and alienation are being intensified  in both peoples living in Israel, regarding each others symbols and rituals.

In light of this drastic gap in the feelings of both peoples, citizens of the State of Israel, we, Jews and Arabs invite you for a genuine encounter, where we will meet ourselves and the others in places of pain, hope and empowerment.

The event will take place at the Giv'at Haviva Hostel (near Hadera)

The 2 days are built as a comprehensive process, including full board hospitality on the site. Starting Wednesday at 2 P.M. Ending Thursday at 6 P.M.

The retreat will be conducted in Hebrew and Arabic. Volunteer translators will be will be available. If you need translation, please request it on registration.