Does Your Voice Get Stuck When You Need to Share Your Heart the Most?





"The class has left me speechless, in the best sense of the word.


It puts you powerfully in touch with the Source of your being and the note your soul emanates into your world--the note of your incarnation.


Join in, if you feel drawn to 5th chakra healing...(communication)."  Hiro Boga,


Have you invested lots of money upon your self improvement, only to stand in front of others and find that what you intended to share and what comes out of your mouth are night and day? 


Inside you know you're a catalyst for change and transformation. Yet your inner stress and fear of sounding silly, way "too out there" or pushing people away keep you from expressing the powerful voice that is uniquely you. 




    • Connect to your authenticity while communicating, allowing yourself to be heard  
    • Listen to your authentic self 
    • Value your unique voice & gain confidence in expressing it 
    • Let go of your negative self talk 
    • Connect with the source of your natural voice when you need it most
    • Release the blocks to expressing your natural voice with ease



Secret Ancient Keys to

Authentic & Transformational Communication



June 7, 14, 21 & 28  

 1 to 2 p.m. EST (GMT +2)




  • You feel like no one's really listening to you when you express yourself?
  • Are you distracted by the endless chatter and negative self-talk going on in your head while you try to express your heart and soul? 
  • You hit all the "right" notes but your voice still sounds out of tune with your soul?
  • You're tired of speaking or singing authentically in private yet losing it in public.


Are you truly listening to yourself? If your dark tones are overshadowing your light ones how can you soften your critical jagged edges and empower yourself to enjoy expressing yourself in true harmony? 


When you've spent lots of money on training and tried everything else to get your communication perfect, it's time to stop and tune into what will allow you to be heard.


In fact, it's more about connecting to what you don't hear than to what you do. You are the instrument. Your voice makes a difference. As you tune into the source of sound, you tap into the source of your true power. 




"A beautiful and intimate voice of reason providing healing tools to apply in all the conflicts life hands us."


~Susan Jeffers, PhD, bestselling author of Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway and Life is Huge!



When your thoughts are muddy and the voices inside your head compete for attention, the first sign of stress, conflict or change will take you off your center. The universe responds in kind.

Your only guarantee against failing yourself is to follow a proven system that really works because it is based upon nature and the timeless wisdom of the ancients, which has stood the test of time.

The Biblical Prophetess Miriam used powerful secrets of sound, silence and rhythm to alchemically transform conflict into harmony, war into peace and matter into spirit. These ancient hidden secrets are being revealed again to help transform today's woes. You can learn specific methods of the forgotten ancient musical secrets to bring about increased vitality and positive energy for growth in any area of your life.

If there's any question... no... this has nothing to do with any religious belief.  And yes... this has everything to do with listening to your inner voice with self respect and allowing it's truth to guide you towards your highest good.


When you know that your voice matters, when you are clear about your intentions in communication, and you can remain focused and calm even when things go awry, you are a clear channel for success in any presentation. This empowers you for even more success. The entire universe is filled with people and situations that will be magnetized to you and who will respond in kind.  








~Dr. Arlene Bump, and Dr. Charles Geddes, Sr, Pastors, Church of Religious Science
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

"Eliana brought her incredible voice, wisdom and talent to our Center and opened and touched our hearts: People were not only impressed with her presentations & teaching, but how it enabled them to think "larger" and to "live more peace" in their own lives.

She told her personal "story" of living in peace through war - people were moved, humbled and inspired.

She also shared the sounds of the ancients - which was wonderful for our meditations. These musical tones takes one back to a time of remembrance of Spiritual Unity and wholeness.

We were very moved by her courage, intention and passion for her vision and for her expression of the sacredness of life. She is, indeed, in touch with her higher Self and allows the love of that Self to shine through all she does.

I certainly recommend Eliana to anyone."





Secret Ancient Keys to

Authentic & Transformational Communication



June 7, 14, 21 & 28  

 1 to 2 p.m. EST (GMT +2)


There is a previously unknown link between our inner thought processes and the way we resonate with our physical voice. In this telecourse, you will learn the secrets of:

    - using silence to connect with your means of authentic self expression
    - creating sound vibrations that deepen your expression and connection  to your inner self
    - strengthening the quality of your natural voice to project a brighter, more confident YOU!

…as well as implementing ancient sound healing tools for practical application in today's changing world and bringing in the new…



Before you can be heard, you have to learn to listen. This course teaches you about connecting to silence, the source from which all sounds emanate. Inside the silence, your authentic voice can be heard. This course helps you to connect to your inner self through conscious vocalizing.

Learn to use your communication as a transformational tool, healing old wounds to freely and fully express the beautiful, full natural voice that is your Divine tool. You will grow and connect your inner and outer worlds harmoniously as a result of using your voice consciously.  





" Before the course, I worried that maybe the exercises would be difficult or impractical, or not really useful.


But after the course, I realized I had a tool I could easily use to reconnect with what I truly wanted to express even among less receptive people." 

Jocelyn J. Kahn,www.



Frankly, "perfect" voices give me the heebie geebies. If you want exact tones, play a synthesizer. It will give you perfect notes on key, every time. But if you want to be a true instrument of service, the full scope of your unique and authentic voice will come from multi faceted tones.

The melodious notes of a babbling brook are created by the friction between the water and the rocks. Water's powerful flow softens the rocks' jagged edges creating a lustrous and truly harmonious sound.  

Living in Israel, I practice softening my rough edges every day. In this part of the world, no frills "in your face" honesty are favoured over perfection, political correctness and how things "look" or "sound".

Perfect appearance and how things sound play second fiddle which helps me to wean myself off of an overly dependent relationship with "too nice" and "pretty"ness.  



            WHO AM I? 

I’m Eliana Gilad - an internationally recognized singer and composer of five healing music cds, a peace activist, and an author of two books.

As an expert in the conscious use of voice and rhythm as natural healing instruments, my unique wordless music has been medically researched and found to lower blood pressure, heart rate, increase focus and quality of sleep.

I'm a frequent keynote presenter and performer throughout the world. Such events include the Legends of Non-Violence Conference with Arun Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson), Yolanda King (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter), and Michael Beckwith (The Secret), the Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe, NM and the Heal the Water Conference with Dr. Emoto (Messages from Water) who also researched this music.

I have given concerts at the United Nations, the UNESCO International Conference in Nazareth, Israel, and at the Chopra Center in New York City and performed on stage with Bobby McFerrin, Glen Velez and other internationally renowned world musicians.

Since 1994 I've worked with thousands of healthcare professionals, coaches, yoga teachers, entrepreneurs, spirtual healers and peace leaders, helping them to reconnect to the Source of their authentic and natural voice.

LOVE hearing them express themselves as true instruments of the Divine.



The course takes place in four online conferences over one month.

Let's review what you'll receive in this 4 part program which uses the voice as a powerful transformational tool.

Every 60 minute session starts with a transformational music journey. The hour is chock-filled with first hand experience, practical instruction, and exercises for you to implement in your vocal expression, whether that's speaking, singing, meditating or presentating in your daily life.






"You provided structure, tools, and a discussion form for one of the most challenging things I have in my life...being heard. 

Though I wasn't sure how this was going to work online, I liked the structure. Your course gave me some tools to use when I'm in difficult situations.

I'm feeling stronger and have a structure to work with.People having trouble expressing themselves will really benefit."       

Sue Hamilton, Minnesota


Both seasoned professionals and and people who have never worked with their voice will find lots to gain in this course. It is NOT about PERFORMANCE, but about expressing your natural self in any number of ways.


Session #1:  Sunday - June 7, 1-2 PM EST 

Acknowledging Your Unique Voice & Having the Courage to Be Different

Why are you alive? What is special about you?

You are the expert and ultimate authority over your life.

During this session, you will uncover the long-lost secrets of the ancient Hebrew Prophetesses, the secrets of silence and focus. We will be doing exercises to tap into your hidden reserves of wisdom, enabling you to -

  • Discover your authentic voice by learning how to truly listen to yourself
  • Focus on what is most important to you
  • Overcome self-censorship
  • Dive into the refreshing pool of your own inner calm at any time
  • Gain on clarity on any subject
  • Connect with your unique and authentic voice that fills you with confidence and inner comfort that deepens with time, no matter what changes occur around you.

We will begin and end with a sacred sound invocation to activate synchronicity and connect with the space in between the thoughts. This will continue each session.


Session #2: Sunday - June 14, 1-2 PM EST 

Healing Negative Self Talk: Whose Voices Are They, Anyway

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. 

Our negative self talk kills our plans before they even have a chance to see the light of day.

During this session, you will learn how to -

  • Identify that negative self talk while expressing yourself
  • Listen to it without judging or running away from it
  • Learn how to dissipate its destructive power and empower yourself instead
  • Alchemically transform your inner blocks and create safety through a single note of your natural voice

Session #3:  Sunday - June 21, 1-2 PM EST

Standing Up to Authority, Speaking Up & Listening to the Other 

Which parts & inner voices have I made the "authority" over me?

What price are you paying for going along with it?  How does that impact your relationship with authority in the outside world? During this session, you will learn how to -

  • Listen to the myriad of inner voices
  • Become a wizard of transforming the cacophony and gain mastery over yourself
  • Learn how to stick with it when the going gets tough through experiencing the inexhaustible power of a natural heartbeat exercise
  • Listening to the "other" to gain wisdom and more confidence in expressing your own unique voice
  • Stand up to authority in a way that empowers everyone involved


"Many thanks for you… be sure that my mind is fully obsessed with how to bring about a process of peace and reason… at the end of the day, somebody needs to show that there is another possible future for us to generate. I am trying to focus all energy on preparing for that moment."

~Koby Huberman, Sr. Vice Pres., Global Marketing, Nice Corp.,


Session #4:  Sunday June 28, 1-2 PM  EST

Allowing in Your Good, Allowing Yourself to be Heard

You're ready to act. You made a leap of faith, but you don't see results.                         

What do you do now when the voices of doubt from within and without threaten to bring you back to square one?

During this session, you will learn how to  -

  • Distinguish when is less more
  • Distinguish when the best thing to do is nothing
  • Know how much to give before stopping and waiting for the flow to bring your good to you 
  • Put these tools to work during your preparation for an important conversation, presentation or performance in order to make your special mark with your beautiful voice 

We will experience and play with the natural rhythms of ancient times to anchor healing and peace within.



I'm Ready to Sign Up




"Eliana confirms what we already know in our deepest selves, but often forget: that no matter how full of discomfort, fear, anger, madness, and pain our outer circumstances are, we can always choose to live consciously in them, and turn in total simplicity to the ever-present Source of this consciousness."

~Joseph Rowe, Composer, Musician,


 Secret Ancient Keys to

Authentic & Transformational Communication



The course takes place in 4 Teleconferences  over 1 month:

Sunday: June 7, 14, 21 and 28,   1-2 PM EST 

  • You attend FOUR EXCLUSIVE ONE-HOUR LONG TELE SESSIONS in which I’ll reveal my proven strategies for connecting to your authenticity and true power and remaining focused and at peace while communicating, no matter what is going on around you. We will meet through a teleconference service. The sessions will be recorded as well. Here's a teensy weensy, tip of the iceberg list of benefits you'll begin to experience from the start:
      1. Blossoming of your creativity, even when you are having an off day
      2. An increased depth of self expression which deeply nourishes and satisfies your soul
      3. Connected communication attracts repeat customers and increases your appeal
      4. You will eliminate your worries about how "good" or "bad" you sound
      5. Improved relationships with more connected and honest communication
  • You receive LIVE HIGH QUALITY AUDIO RECORDINGS (downloadable Mp3 files) of each session afterwards. If you can't attend a live session on a specific day, you'll be able to experience it in your own time. The nature of this material is such that results increase over time. Repeated listening deepens and enhances your learning process.


1) HALF-HOUR PHONE CONSULTATION WITH ELIANA GILAD: Learn how to stay calm,  peaceful and focused in your communication, even if all is going awry around you.  You can work deeply on a pin pointed issue and get some real relief. Imagine having practical tools that you can use when the *&%^ hits the fan.  These sessions have people saying things like; "I wish I had met with you before. I would have saved myself alot of needless stress by using the focusing exercises you gave me. I use them in all kinds of situations now with much success."  Value: $125

2)  "MINI-SPA-INSTANT CALM - MUSIC MEDITATION" (mp3) for those moments when you could use an immediate reminder to connect to your inner peace.  Value: $20

You can put it on your mobile and have it at your fingertips whenever and wherever.





  • Core Course

    Premium Course

    4 expertly facilitated 60-minute retreat sessions
    Value: $400



    Download recordings of full course.    

    Never miss a session!
    Value: $129










    BONUS: The critically acclaimed "MINI-SPA - INSTANT CALM - MUSIC MEDITATION" (mp3) for those moments in life when you need an immediate reminder and practical & effective way to connect to your inner peace.

    You can put it on your mobile and have it at your fingertips whenever and wherever.

    Value: $20.








    Aren't you tired of having invested valuable time and energy in meditation or vocal training

    only to lose it the moment you get in front of people?
    This special course has enormous

    value, and it is priced reasonably so that you can profit from the most important value –

    owning your harmony & having your unique voice heard - which is priceless.

    BONUS: HALF HOUR PERSONAL CONSULTATION WITH ELIANA  - Learn how to stay calm,  peaceful and focused in your communication, even if all is going awry around you.  You can work deeply on a pin pointed issue. Imagine having practical tools that you can use when the *&%^ hits the fan. 

    These sessions have people saying things like; "I wish I had met with you before. I would have saved myself alot of needless stress by using the focusing exercises you gave me. I use them in all kinds of situations now with much success."

    Value: $125

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     I consciously acknowledge that my voice matters and

    I'm ready to make a difference in this world!



    For more information on the online course format:

    Call Me: Israel Country Code (972) 52-3890131
    (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. eastern standard time in usa)

    Voices of Eden
    HaGefen 20, Tivon, Galilee 36503 Israel


    Legal disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual results can be verified upon request. Each individual’s success depends upon his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

    Money Back Guarantee: If after attending all sessions and working with the materials, if after three months you feel that the course was not worth your investment, just call or write to me and I will refund your money, no questions asked.  You keep the bonuses too. This is how sure I am of your success. 




    Still not sure?  Ask me any question. Any at all!