Voices in Cloth 2012 was a huge success!!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this an extraordinary quilt show! We appreciate everything you did (big things, small things, up front, and behind the scenes) to make this show a huge success!

All of us are standing on the shoulders of EBHQ members, past and present, who produced previous shows. Each event builds on past successes, and we think Voices in Cloth 2012 has raised the bar again, taking our show to a new level of prominence in the quilting community of Northern California.

Thank you,

Jennie Alexich and Diana Berry, VIC2012 Co-Chairs

Voices In Cloth 2012 Quilts and Garments

VIC 2012 Candids

VIC visitors
Photo:  Obie Gilkerson
Vendor stand goodies
Photo: Betsy Livak

Photo:  Obie Gilkerson


Many vendors with lovely things to buy
Photo: Betsy Livak
   Billy Hustace Photography

Photo:  Obie Gilkerson

Our 2012 quilt show at the Craneway Pavilion included more than 200 quilts, a Silent Auction, great vendors, two beautiful raffle quilts, demonstrations, and a special exhibit by AAQG of Oakland.

For more information, contact us at voices_in_cloth@yahoo.com or 510-233-6771.