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Small Town Big Talent

Congratulations to Sherwood's Small Town--Big Talent Winners!

Division One: Ages 16 & Up

1st Place:  The Hill Dogs
2nd Place:  The Mallory Family Singers
3rd Place:  Matt Flanagan
4th Place:  Willow Parker

Division Two: Ages 8-15

1st Place:  Erik Veenhuizen, Tyler Griggs, & Jonah Edigar
2nd Place:  Susannah Morgan
3rd Place:  Yo-Yo University Team
4th Place:  Madison Barton

YouTube Video

In a concert that several described as "the best VPA concert to date," The Hill Dogs and a trio of 14 year-old boys were crowned the winners of Sherwood's Small Town--Big Talent Competition on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at Sherwood High School!

Following a concert on Wednesday, May 11th that featured the performances of 18 semi-finalists selected from 72 entrants, eight finalists each sang, danced, and yo-yo'd skillfully and gracefully on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th while competing for the $825 in cash prizes.  Three guest judges and audience voting determined the winners. 

The Hill Dogs, a "folk-n'-roll" band from Newberg performed A Burning Son, a song written and composed by band members. Tigard High School freshman Erik Veenhuizen, Tyler Griggs, and Johah Edigar performed an energizing, a copella rendition of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger.

Audiences were also treated to performances from the Sherwood Chorale, Footnotes All-Girls Choir, and the Sherwood Children's Chorus.  Guest judge Michael Allen Harrison also performed his magic on the piano as audience members voted for their favorite talent. 

Harrison also spoke briefly to congratulate the contestants and the choirs.  He gave everyone involved the ultimate compliment when he described the Voices for the Performing Arts Foundation's efforts as "a program" that advances the skills and talents of the participants rather than just a series of concerts.