Blackfish in Moscow

posted Oct 19, 2014, 11:45 PM by Jeffrey Ventre   [ updated Oct 22, 2014, 10:13 AM ]
Three members of VOTO, Jeffrey Ventre MD, Samantha Berg, & John Jett PhD, joined forces with science writer Rachel Clark and her husband, professor Chris Caudill, PhD, in Moscow, Idaho, USA, for a Blackfish movie Q&A, followed by a symposium. These events occurred on Thursday & Friday, October 16-17, 2014, and involved the historic Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre, the local food Co-op, & the colleges of Natural Resources and Law at the University of Idaho. Dr Caudill, an expert on salmon from the University of Idaho's College of Natural Resources, lectured on the connection between salmon & the resident eco-type killer whales native to the Pacific Northwest. 

Please look below the videos for helpful links to more of this symposium, including a recorded 8 expert panel*** at the Univ of Idaho Law school, with discussions of the ethics of captivity. Annotations have been added to the Q&A videos, for clarity 

Video One of Three 

Video Two of Three 


Here are links to videos and coverage of the events: 

Friday Panel Discussion:

Panel Discussion and Workshop: Role of Captive Wildlife in Conservation. Panel members: Samantha Berg, Dr. John Jett, and Dr. Jeff Ventre - former SeaWorld Trainers and Cast Members, as well as Dr. Chris Caudill and 4 other experts / professors ***

Friday Research Seminar:

Captive Killer Whale Survival and Health Effects: Science Informing Activism by Dr. John Jett, Dr. Jeff Ventre, and Samantha Berg, former SeaWorld trainers and cast members.

Link to the books offered by Bookpeople during the screening:

And a link to the YouTube virtual whale watching that Sam mentioned, but for which we did not have time to show during the panel.