Our Young Heroes

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Kids Speak Out Against Dolphin Captivity

Picking up where the Oscar Award Winning Documentary The Cove left off is this simple yet profound public service announcement featuring all children who are standing up to tell the world that Dolphins don't belong in tanks. It is the captivity industry which subsidizes and allows the horrific slaughter of dolphins in Japan and other parts of the world to occur. If these kids can get the point, certainly the rest of us can.

Kids Speak Out Against Dolphin Captivity - New PSA

Director: Lina Esco
Writer: Hunter Richards
Editor: Ryan Pesecky
Music: J.Ralph, Luis Guerra

Gwen Williams

You can visit Gwen's YouTube channel here.

(And below you will find one of the great videos included on her site.)

You can visit Gwen's tumblr here.

You can visit Gwen's website here.

Ella van Cleave

British Columbia, Canada

Click on the video below to see Ella speak at TEDxYouth at Victoria

Jamie Coulson

Wisconsin, USA

You can visit Jamie's blog here.

Katie Emmons

Vermont, USA

You can visit Katie's blog here.

You can sign Katie's petition to free Tilikum here.

Below you can see a video that accompanies Katie's Free Tilly petition and website.