So, You've Seen the Movie... Now What?

Now that you've seen Blackfish, you may be wondering what you can do to help orcas in captivity.

Here you should find some answers to that question. Below you will find next steps and resources. This information should help you turn your concern about orcas into action.

Next Steps

Here are four steps that you can take now.
  • Don't buy a ticket to SeaWorld or other sea circuses
  • Demand an end to the captive breeding of killer whales and to artificial insemination programs
  • Educate yourself, your family, and your friends
    • Help others understand that action should be based on facts not corporate propaganda and PR
    • Learn how animals can be been granted nonhuman personhood status
  • DO NOT purchase "Farm-Raised" salmon from your grocery store
  • Write letters and support/vote for progressive candidates
  • Practice compassion for all animals

Further Resources

Post-Viewing Resource Sheet

Jordan Walsh has provided a great post-viewing resource sheet.  This document should help you find out more about whales in captivity and offers suggestions for further reading and viewing.
  • Click here to download this document through Scribd.
  • Read the resource sheet below.


You may also be interested in learning more about animal captivity and other issues mentioned in the movie. The following links can help you educate yourself.
    • This site will help you learn more about how we can protect whales and dolphins. Should you like, you can also adopt a whale and help support the WDC's efforts.
    • The AWI works to end the suffering that humans have inflicted upon animals through destruction of habitat, animal experimentation, and factory farms. In regards to marine life, the AWI works to maintain the ban on commercial whaling and preserve the sanctity of marine habitats. This site will help you find ways that you can get involved with animal rights issues.
    • The Humane Society fights for the protection of animals and the prevention of animal cruelty.  This website provides information on animal advocacy and care. In addition, there may be volunteer and internship opportunities with the HSUS in your area. Click the "Take Action" button to find out more.
    • The ALDF fights for the rights of animals through the legal system.  This website can help you learn more about the legal rights of animals and the laws that are being put in place to protect these creatures.
    • The Nonhuman Rights Project is working to endow animals with "personhood" in order to ensure that they have the right to freedom. They will be filing their first cases in 2013. Visit their website for more information on their impending court cases.