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Jeffrey Ventre's Home Page

Dr Jeffrey Ventre Speaks to Kay Burley at Sky News

Jeffrey Ventre on Orca Teeth

Articles and Interviews

    • Click on this link to learn more about whale and dolphin conservancy.
  • "SeaWorld's Proposed Multi-Million Dollar Safety Gimmicks Don't Measure Up" - The Orca Project (2011)
  • "Former Trainer Says Killer Whale Captivity Causes Attacks" - Wired Science (2011)
  • Cetacean Inspiration Interview with Jeffrey Ventre
  • Interview of Jeffrey Ventre by Gwen Williams (2013)
  • "Interview:  Director and Star of Documentary 'Blackfish'" - ScreenPicks (2013)
  • "Gabirela Cowperthwaite and Jeffrey Ventre Talk 'Blackfish,' Working Without SeaWorld's Participation, Deciding Not to Include Graphic Footage and More" - Collider.com (2013)

Jeffrey's Publications
    • Click here to read this article.
  • "Keto and Tilikum Express the Stress of Orca Captivity" - Co-authored with John Jett
    • Click here to download on Scribd.
    • Click here to read on The Orca Project.
    • Read this article below

  • "Orca Captivity and Vulnerability to Mosquito-Transmitted Viruses" - Co-authored with John Jett
    • Read this article below