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     Starring in numerous musicals Sonja discovered how much she loved singing. Lead roles include the elegant schemer, the “Baroness in the Sound of Music”. It really was fun for her to sing and play the slutty “Mrs. Mullens" in Carousell and the raunchy ”Lady Jane in Rosemarie”. Next she performed at Clubs, weddings, memorials, political events and  cruise-ships. With years of experience as a T.V. Host and M.C. Sonja is a fun and charming performer, who can really get the audience to join in.

    At spiritual gatherings Sonja sings and has also worked as the Musical Director. Audiences describe her as dynamic and fun also as serene and heartwarming. 
    If you need a show of Broadway, Popular Tunes, Country  Music or Spiritual Songs, let Sonja be the Voice of your choice for your next event! 
    Contact Sonja Bakker at contact@voicemagic3.com or call: 778 883 4843 
for Music / Music/ Music !       

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