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Movie Credits


Third Man Out                                              Actor                                             Insight Films/here! TV

Dead Zone                                                   Actor/Reporter                            Lion's Gate Films Inc./James Head

Agent Cody Banks                                      Actor/Nurse                                 MGM/Harald Zwart

The Mummy (Feature)                                Voice/Mummy                            Universal/Steve Sommers

Poltergeist                                                    Actor/Ms Wickersham               FOX/M. Rohl

Mask of Death                                              Principal/ Madam                       Mask of Death Prod/ D. Mitchell

Contageous                                                  Actor/ Reporter                           City of Fear Prod/ J. Nepolitano

American Dragon                                        Actor/ Victim                                Axis Prod/ Ralph Hemecker

Strange Luck                                                Actor/ Stewardess                      Syndicated/ John Kousakis

The Anissa Ayala Story                              Principal/ Reporter                     Viacom/ W. Hussein

Commish                                                      Actor/ Officer                               Canell/ Sara J. Rose

Intersection                                                   Actor/ Socialite                           Paramount/ Mark Rydell

The X- Files                                                  Actor/ Lawyer                              FOX/ D. Sackheim

Exxon Valdez: The Big Spill                       Actor/ Journalist                         BBC/ Paul Seed

The Round Table                                         Actor/ Lawyer                              Spelling/ J. Blechner

To Grandma's House We Go                     Actor/ Mom                                  ABC/ Green Epstein

Money Court                                                 Principal/ Defendent                 Blair Murdoch Productions

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure                Actor/ Judge                                Lorimar/ K. Tabori

Northwood                                                    Actor/ Store Owner                    CBC/ L. Montessi

21 Jump Street                                             Actor/ Teacher                            Cannell Productions

Year of the Dragon                                      Actor/ Secretary                          Dino De Laurentis

Knights of the City                                        Actor                                             MGM- UA

Beyond the Bounds                                     Actor                                             Spelling/ D. Deitch

The Hat Squad                                             Actor                                             Cannell Productions

Cousins                                                         Actor                                             Paramount/ Joel Schumacher

Malicious                                                       Actor                                             Grizz/ Ian Corson

Hands                                                            Principal/ Farmer                       CDHN/ Lovinger/ Paul Cade