X13-VSA Voice Stress Analysis Lie Detector Software


Now You Can Turn Your Computer or Laptop Into A Truth Verification Device 

X13-VSA is a Voice Stress Analysis Lie Detector Software.
The most advanced voice analysis technology available today.



No one can lie to you any more because with X13-VSA you know what your friends and clients think about you...

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The evolution of Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) - Tested and approved!
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X13-VSA “Dedicated to Truth”

"With only one click" - Your Personal Truth Verifier.

        X13-VSA is an innovative, advanced and sophisticated software system and a fully computerized voice stress analyzer that allows you to detect the truth instantly. X13-VSA is based on an ingenious new and old algorithm to detect vocal stress.

        The X13-VSA technology was originally developed in 1980 for military use, and now you can use the same technology as they use to detect lying and deception.

        The software is clear, elegant, and so easy to use that you can have it up and running within seconds.

        Voice Stress Analysis is a type of lie detector which measures stress in a person's voice. That makes it recordable, and means it can be used on tape recordings older than VSA technology itself is. The use of Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) as a lie detector became popular in the late 1970s and 80s. Today is Voice-stress analysis, an alternative to the polygraph as a method for lie detection, is already widely used in police and insurance fraud investigations and by other organizations.

        In both principle and execution VSA is a simple technology. Researchers found that frequencies in the human voice in the 8 to 12 Hz range are sensitive to honesty. When a person is being honest the average sound in that range is generally below 10 Hz, but is usually above 10 Hz in dishonest situations.

        All muscles in the body, including the vocal chords, vibrate in the 8 to 12 Hz range. This is considered a feedback loop, similar to a thermostat/heater that will maintain an average temperature by raising the temperature a little above the setting, switch off, and not come back on until the temp is a little below it. Just as the temperature swings up and down over time, so too do the muscles tighten and loosen as they seek to maintain a constant tension. This is known to be caused by the production and release of a chemical, as explained in the Scientific American Article "Psychological Tremor" Vol. 224, No. 3, 1971. In moments of stress, like when you tell a lie that you dare not get caught at, the body prepares for fight or flight by increasing the readyness of its muscles to spring into action. Their vibration increases from the relaxed 8 to 9 Hz, to the stressful 11 to 12 Hz range.

        Such vibrations are a measure of stress, levels of which change from moment to moment. Everybody knows that stress, also known as anxiety or being up-tight, can be brought on by a simple thought or memory; of a loved one's passing on, for example, or suddenly remembering some dangerous obsticle in the future. Some people have high average stress levels, and some have low, and averages changes from day to day along with mood. What all people have in common is that their stress levels are constantly changing within their current range, changes which indicate the "percieved jeopardy" or "danger" of statements being made. A lie is often dangerous, humiliating, or injurous to get caught at, so lies tend to stand out on stress measurments.

        The X13-VSA is a revolutionary new software product that work with your PC or laptop computer for quick and reliable recorded truth verification. Anyone with a computer can use it.You will be in a position to detect deception and verify the truth and you can record conversations for later analysis. You may analyzed from TV or radio, or even in a face-to-face conversation, without the subject being aware.

        You can take any recorded conversation, record yourself, spouse, friend, lover etc., (Audio Recording Software is including in the package), save it as a normal Windows wav file and then let X13-VSA analyze it. Of course when you do this make sure you obtain consent from the person whose voice you are analyzing!
        Once you have the file, you can run an analysis and X13-VSA will save the results. After the analysis you can play these results. X13-VSA singles the presence of a lie by special beeping and via the Frequency Analyzer.

        X13-VSA is effective in ANY SITUATION and is applicable to ANYONE, including but not limited to: Criminal investigations, violent crimes, robbery, internal affairs investigations, or pre-employment examinations, insurance fraud investigations, screening (eg: Airports) Check of visa/passports, Witness Statements and much more.  The use of X13-VSA is limited to your imagination. X13-VSA is a full computerized voice stress analysis software.

        X13-VSA is one of the most advanced Voice Analysis systems ever and the easiest to use. It is powerful and it go deeper and faster than any other voice analysis technology.

        X13-VSA is a professional tool for the Businessman or for Personal use, Governments and Security Organizations, Law Enforcement agencies, Police, Military or Private Investigators.

        X13-VSA is a decision support tool, and in combination with your own judgment and common sense will be a great assistance.

        X13-VSA has been sold to nearly 2,000 professional investigators, law enforcement agencies, law firms,  journalists, businessman's and private persons from around the world.

        The X13-VSA technology is the most advanced Voice Stress Analysis system that has yet been produced to detect changes in human speech and the cheapest system in the world.


        No one can lie to you any more because with X13-VSA you know what your friends and clients think about you...

    What's the difference between X13-VSA and a polygraph? A polygraph measures for physical stress, just like X13-VSA, but a polygraph requires you to be attached. X13-VSA doesn't. You can also use it on pre-recorded voices.

Enjoy the newest technology and our support.


X13-VSA comes with detailed instructions and easy to use installer/uninstaller, built-in Self-Test diagnostic program that lets you know if the system is operating correctly, Frequency Analyzer and Audio Recording Software.

System requirements:
Windows 9x/ME/2000/NT /XP
Sound card and compatible microphone