This site is intended to support the work of SOSCHATS in his fight to put an end to dog and cat meat consumption in Switzerland.
As the makers of this site we are not affiliated with any organisation, nor asking for any donations.

SOSCHATS started in the end of august a petition to condamn the trade and consumption of dog and cat meat trade in Switzerland.
At this moment this petition got more than 37000 signatures. Of course you can be surprised but in Switzerland, dog and cat meat consumption is legal and the aim of the petitions is to change this.

In several parts of Switzerland people are eating cats and dogs. There is no laws who clearly forbid or punish this tradition.

Some people eat cats and dogs and sell dog-meat as a rhumatism cream that contains dog-fat.
In Switzerland you can meet these people specially in the cantons of St. Gallen, Thurgau, Bündner Land, Toggenburg, Jura, and even in the italian part of Switzerland, called Ticino.
Please share and make people sign SOSCHATS petitions in order that the foreign countries push at least the Swiss politicians to create laws against these old brutal traditions.

You can find pdf forms in three languages to download on SOSCHATS website, if you want to collect signatures IRL. 

Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard and Federal Veterinary Office claim this is an old practice who only can be terminated by a campaign to fill a motion to the Swiss Parliament.

After obtained a ban on commerce of cat skins in 2013, SOSCHATS Noiraigue want to ban the commerce and consumption of pet meat. Of course, pets are not considered as food and can't be theorically sell nor given to be eaten.

But there is no formal prohibition and then there is no sanctions. It is also not formally forbidden to eat its own dog or cat.

The petition wants to change that and to make the law clearly prohibits such actions. These acts are unworthy of a civilized country, which recognizes the role of pets and in which no one dies of hunger.

In order to change this situation SOSCHATS needs your support and hope for a massive mobilisation.
International outcry can help to change mentalities and pass a change to actual laws.
Switzerland should no longer be listed as a country where people eat dogs and cats.


A Hunter who love to eat cats DE-FR