Edgar Vogel
European Central Bank
Kaiserstrasse 29
D-60311 Frankfurt
Mail: edgar(dot)vogel(at)ecb(dot)europa(dot)eu

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Research: Dynamic Macroeconomics, Growth and Developemtent Economics, Human Capital, Government Debt, Government Debt, Distribution of Wealth, Income and Welfare

Working Papers / Publications:

MRO Bidding in the Presence of LTROs: An Empirical Analysis of the Pre-Crisis Period (2013), mimeo (pdf)

Optimal Level of Government Debt: Matching Wealth Inequality and the Fiscal Sector (2014), ECB WP 1665

Aging and Pension Reform: Extending the Retirement Age and Human Capital Formation (2012), jointly with A. Ludwig and A. Börsch-Supan), NBER WP 18856, revise & resubmit

Longer lives, more schooling, and hump-shaped fertility (2012), submitted (pdf), older version circulated as MEA Discussion Paper 247-11 ("Human Capital and the Demographic Transition: Why Schooling Became Optimal")

Demographic Change, Human Capital and Welfare (2012) Review of Economic Dynamics 15(1): 94-107, with A. Ludwig and T. Schelkle

Mortality, Fertility, Education and Capital Accumulation in a Simple OLG Economy (2010) Journal of Population Economics, 23(2): 703-735, with A. Ludwig

Demographic Change, Human Capital and Endogenous Growth (2007), MEA Discussion Paper 151-07,
with A. Ludwig and T. Schelkle




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