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Worth rejects home rule

Worth voters to decide on home rule

Why do we need Home Rule?

Clarendon Hills has not reduced their staff like other municipalities have.
Hinsdale has eliminated 22 positions in the last two years
Clarendon Hills is in the process of replacing those who have resigned
What is wrong with this picture?

Is the pension problem driving Home Rule? Read all about it. It is in the news

Clarendon Hills weighs home rule, new taxes

Shortfall Threatens Illinois Pension System

Unions win as Illinois lawmakers put off pension reform until fall

Here are the members of the Home Rule Committee:

Trustee Pedersen
Trustee Reid
Bill Baum
John Czerwiec
Kevin Flynn
Wilfird Freve
Matthew Klein
Jan Morel
Don O'Toole
Ann Schenk
Charles Shanabruch
Eric Stach

Ask them why we need more taxes

Home Rule = more taxes

For more on home rule, click here

"The village hopes to have a referendum on the March 2012 ballot that, if passed by voters, would give municipal government additional powers."  This is from the Patch. Click here for the article

About TIF 

Clarendon Hills Board Delays Downtown TIF Study

Click here to learn about TIF

The Master Plan

The next time you are in the hardware store ask them how they feel about Ann street going right thru them
Click here to see the plan

Meeting with Patti Bellock

In April we met with Patti Bellock our representative from the 47th district at Quinn's to discuss state laws regarding special service areas.
We reviewed the problems encountered with SSA 16 and Patti agreed that the requirements to defeat the proposed special service area did not sound fair so she is going to work with us to get the law changed at the state level. It was a very good meeting

Vote Tuesday April 5  (see results)

We recommend:

 Yaeger, Turek, Nelson, and Musil for District 181 (all but Musil won)


 Davidson, Manley, and Skoda for District 86 (Skoda won)

Click here for a letter from Sue Hanlon

Clarendon Hills for sale

vacant store fronts (4)
vacant buildings (4)
vacant properties (2)
vacant homes
for sale in business district (7)

Raising taxes is not the answer but apparently it is easier than getting pensions under control and so they raised them without a chance for us to vote on it

Where are our taxes going?
What services will be cut next?

Business owners and property owners are in this together

We would like to hear from you. Please email us vochbd@gmail.com

SSA 16

SSA 16 canceled as reported in the Patch

SSA 16 canceled as reported by the Village

The proposed special service area number 16 was not well received by many in the central business district but defeating it required a major effort by a few dedicated individuals. Two years from now we will most likely see another proposal and hopefully it will reflect the will of those involved.
Who knows when this economy will turn around and until it does everyone must do their part to reduce costs and
property taxes will continue to be a big issue especially with the pension plans that are now out of control.

The proposed special service area 16 raised a lot of questions:

1.) Are the business owners and property owners working together?
2.) Is there a lack of communications within the business district?
3.) Is information available, complete, and accurate?
4.) Are the requirements to defeat a proposed special service area reasonable?

Each of these questions should be addressed but first we would like to hear from you.

A site like this should not be necessary and hopefully will not be required in the future but if you agree communications need to be improved and have some suggestions and/or questions contact us  at: