Humming at christmas!

Humming is a great way to train your thin vocal folds. 
While humming your  favourite christmas songs, you will also train your breath support and it will help you to develop resonance and may even help people who consider themselves being 'tone deaf'!

Humming is one of the oldest vocal exercises. In the late 17th century singers in Italy started to develop a vocal technique style called 'Bel Canto'. It means 'Beautiful singing'. 
Since then, humming has been one of the most importante vocal exercises.

Vocal coach Valerie White Williams explains what humming can do for you:

Humming 1-3

If you want to use humming as an exercise, the best way to do it is by humming from high to lower notes. In this way you will get rid of too much weight in the voice; vocal folds that are too thick to properly sing in the higher regions.

Humming 2-3

Humming can be done in different ways; 'mmm',  'nnn' or 'ng'.
Choose the sounds that fits you best but be aware of the 'mmm', there can be a little problem with the 'm'-sound. Your tongue may pull back or down while humming an 'mmm' sound. If you feel this is happening, the 'ng' will solve this problem.

Humming 3-3

Merry Christmas!

Just hum the song you want to sing before you actually start singing is.
Use a soft and gentle hum, feel how you breath support automatically starts to manage the breath flow. Humming should feel completely effortless in the throat!