2017-09-23 - (Heilige Tod News) - I've penned a new review for my neofolk blog, it's on the new Allerseelen 7" single, Anubis/Chairete Daimones. It can be read here

2017-09-22 - (Fanbase press News) - Happy Friday everyone! I had two articles published at Fanbase Press this week. The first, published on Wednesday, is a review of Robert Payne Cabeen's debut novel, Cold Cuts, which can be read here

2017-09-06 - (Fanbase Press News) - My second and final bit of Long Beach Comic Con coverage has been posted at Fanbase Press, it's a document of Howard Chaykin's spotlight panel. I got to meet Chaykin beforehand, and he was awesome. He signed all my Black Kiss and Satellite Sam comics and complimented my shirt. I've always appreciated his work (especially his pinup-aesthetics on his ladies), so covering his panel was a highlight. 

2017-09-05 - (Fanbase Press News) - Over the weekend I attended the Long Beach Comic Con. I attended two panels and documented them as best as I could for a convention report. The first, Fanbase Press Presents: Things that Go Bump in Horror Comics has just been posted. The second, which was published today for Harley Quinn Day (instead of Batman Day) is an essay on Harley Quinn in old retrogaming. That can be read here

2017-08-27 - (Heilige Tod News) - Yesterday, influential and legendary filmmaker Tobe Hooper passed away. I penned an essay to honour him, but with a focus on how his films influenced industrial music and also martial-industrial music by way of Laibach. It can be read here

2017-08-09 - (Neo-Peplum News) - The cover art for the neo-peplum book has been revealed! It's got THE ROCK front and center - I love it! 

2017-08-08 - (Fanbase Press News) - I have an interview with Beth Cato, steampunk author, published at Fanbase Press. Have a look and give Beth some support!

2017-08-05 - (Heathen Harvest News) - Been a while since I've had Heathen Harvest news, but I've submitted my review of the new Allerseelen single, Anubis/Chairete Daimones, today, so expect that to be published in the coming weeks. I am going to be at Yestercon in Carson tomorrow having fun and getting my retro on. Local folks in attendance, say hi!

2017-08-04 - (Neo-Peplum News) - McFarland now has a page for the The New Peplum right here

2017-07-31 - (Neo-Peplum News) - Goodreads and Amazon both have pages up for The New Peplum. I expect cover art to be revealed soon! 

2017-07-30 - (HP Lovecast News) - The newest episode of the HP Lovecast Podcast is up! In this episode, we discuss the first three short stories in the anthology Heroes of Red Hook, a collection that emphasis diversity in Lovecraftian writing. Check it out here! 

2017-07-18 - (Fanbase Press News) - RIP for George Romero. I penned an in memoriam about him and fan culture at Fanbase Press which can be read here

2017-07-06 - (Fanbase Press News) - I've reviewed the book The Children of Gla'aki over at Fanbase Press, which can be read here

2017-06-18 - (Heathen Harvest News) - Back in March I had the opportunity to see Vogel, Dance with the Dead and Carpenter Brut perform down here in LA. I did a write up of the event to document it, and it has finally been published at Heathen Harvest. It can be read in all its synthwave glory here

2017-06-16 - (Fanbase Press News) - Happy Friday everyone, and happy summer. How fitting that today I'd have a new review published at Fanbase Press on the trade paperback of Enchanted Tiki Room. Check it out here. 

2017-06-01 - (Peplum News) - Happy June everyone! It's my birthday month. However, the coolest news is that I posted the manuscript for my neo-peplum book to the publisher on Tuesday! My first book, off it goes - I'm very excited! 

2017-05-18 - (Space Horror News) - My essay, "Meteor Madness: Lovecraftian Horror and Consumerism in the Battle of Small Town USA," is set to be published in the anthology Horror in Space: Critical Essays on a Film Subgenre this fall from McFarland. Cover art has been revealed and there are paged for the anthology at Goodreads and Amazon. Check it out! You can't pre-order from Amazon quite yet, but keep watching! 

Horror in Space Anthology

2017-05-16 - (Fanbase Press News & Ann Radcliffe) - Firstly, I have a new review published at Fanbase Press today, on the film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which can be read here. It's the first neo-peplum film of the season, and I thought it was decent. Secondly, the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference during Stokercon back on Friday, April 28th was a huge success. We had 14 presenters across 5 panel blocks, and they were amazing presentations. I did my presentation on the Re-Animator comics from Dynamite, which I'll greatly edit for possible publication later. I'll probably upload to in the mean. Here is me in action:

Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference

2017-04-26 - (Fanbase Press News) - Happy AlienDay/LV-426 Day everyone! Fanbase Press is doing a few articles of content to celebrate the day, and my contribution is on the video game Aliens: Thanatos Encounter. It can be read here. Also, this Friday is the Anne Radcliffe Academic Con where I will be co-chairing and presenting. Fanbase Press has a press release for themselves in which my activities are mentioned - that can be read here

2017-04-14 - (Fanbase Press News) - My final bit of WonderCon coverage was posted earlier this week - a panel given by Warren Stevens on Q*bert! It was such an amazing panel to go to, to hear his history and that of the video game and of the video game industry. Check it out here! Another bit if news, my academic colleague, and fellow cast member of the HP Lovecast Podcast, just had his book Wealth of Virtual Nations: Videogame Currencies published by Palgrave Pivot. I am humbled and flattered to be listed in the acknowledgements! Congrats Adam!

Adam Crowley Wealth of Virtual Nations Videogame Currencies

2017-04-05 - (Fanbase Press News) - My WonderCon coverage is starting to be posted at Fanbase Press. Two articles are now online: Spotlight on legendary pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis and How To Make a Nerdy Living. Later this week my documentation of the Q*bert panel will be published, so stay tuned! 

2017-04-04 - (Heathen Harvest News) - My review of Volkor X's synthwave album This Means War has been published at Heathen Harvest. 

2017-04-03 - (Misc. News) - I forgot to post that we recorded a new episode of the HP Lovecast podcast in March, about three short stories by Gary Myers. I am in the process of moving these podcasts over to, so this one can be found at its new home right here. I also did a mini-write up of the new Ostara song "Runaway Horses" at my neofolk blog which can be read here. This past weekend I attended the Wondercon comic book convention, so expect write ups from that show published at Fanbase Press soon. 

2017-02-24 - (Fanbase Press News) - One more Long Beach Comic Expo coverage article published, this one on Writers Seeking Artists and can be read here

2017-02-23 - (Fanbase Press News + Project Updates) - Over the weekend I attended the Long Beach Comic Expo. I was able to act as a reporter of sorts for Fanbase Press and do coverage for some of the panels there. I attended three panels, and two of my write ups have been published already! The first one is on creators at IDW which can be read here, and the other is about podcasting, which can be read here. I'll have one more published soon. However, I did want to make note of some projects I am working on. I have a lot on my plate right now, trying to juggle, so perhaps I should share with yall:
  • Getting ready to co-chair the very first Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference at StokerCon this upcoming April. Lots to prepare still
  • Still editing my first book on neo-peplum films. It's due to the publisher in May, and I am gonna need all the time I can get. It's very time consuming, but happy to see it come together
  • An academic book review for Heathen Harvest
  • An academic book review for The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics
  • A synthwave CD review for Heathen Harvest
  • A HP Lovecraft book review for Fanbase Press
  • Preparing my own presentation on Re-Animator for the Ann Radcliffe Convention
  • Preparing/composing my next academic essay for a book, it will be about synthwave music

2017-02-07 - (Fanbase Press News) - Today I had two articles published at Fanbase Press. The first is a review of the TPB of the comic series Hex11: The Magic Rises which can be read here, and the second article is a convention review of the SoCal Retro Gaming Expo that was held last weekend, and that can be read here.

2017-01-30 - (Fanbase Press News) - I penned an in memoriam about John Hurt that was published at Fanbase Press. It can be read here

2017-01-26 - (Misc. News) - I got to do a little blurb at a Steve Reeves tribute website. Here it is! 

2017-01-22 - (Heathen Harvest News) - Check out my write up of the GosT/Perturbator concert that was in Los Angeles earlier this month - one of the greatest concerts I've ever seen! 

2017-01-18 - (Heathen Harvest News) - My first written piece of 2017 has been published! It is a write up of the Cadabra Records spoken word vinyl of "Pickman's Model." Check it out over at Heathen Harvest.  

2017-01-11 - (Heathen Harvest News) - The Heathen Harvest best albums of 2016 writer's edition has just been published. You can read my top 3 albums of 2016 here. Check my top three and others' out too!

2017-01-06 - (misc. news) - Something a little fun. Zeena Schreck is doing a sale on her sale remaining 2017 calendars, and yours truly may have a few pictures and a tweet show up on her blog proclaiming how awesome his calendar is. Check it out here. 

2016-12-30 - (Lots of news) - Final post of 2016! Lots of stuff I forgot to post, sorry! But here is a nice rundown of things since my last post:
  • I had an appearance in another music video! This one is for Exterminism by ATROPINE, directed by my friend Chris Ryder of Porta Vittoria
  • Speaking of Porta Vittoria, I have a credit in their new album as a consultant! More spelling and English checking.
  • Today a new article of mine was just published at Fanbase Press - a retrospective of 80s resurgence that was going on this past year.
  • Finally, a new episode of HP Lovecast was recorded on "The Black Brat of Dunwich" by Stanley C. Sargent. 
Have a great new years everyone!

2016-11-09 - (HP Lovecast & Misc. News) - My friend Madi2TheMax shot a music video parody at the last Comikaze Comic Con (yes, I know it's called something else now). It's a parody called Beauty and Stan Lee. I have a scene in the video - so please, check it out here and consider subscribing and supporting Madi's channel. Over the weekend we also recorded the newest episode of our HP Lovecast Podcast, one devoted to "Pickman's Model" - have a listen here

2016-11-02 - (Fanbase Press News) - I have two articles recently published at Fanbase Press. The first is panel coverage I did on Shannon Purser (aka Barb from Stranger Things) at her panel at the Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic Con, and that can be read here. The second is a book review I did of the Lovecraft-influenced young adult novel, Daughters of Arkham which can be read here.  

2016-10-31 - (Heathen Harvest news) - Happy Halloween! This past weekend I was attending the Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic Con (Comikaze!) and I had not one, but TWO! reviews published at Heathen Harvest. The first one was on Napoleonic Blues by Ostara and the second one was on The Beginning by Syntec. Have a read!

2016-10-18 - (Heathen Harvest news) - Had an interview published over the weekend with the synthwave project Red Marker. It can be read here

2016-09-25 - (convention appearance) - I'll be attending the Grave Harvest convention in Fullerton, CA on Sunday October 2 as part of the Horror Writers Association table. More information can be found here: - please consider attending, stopping by and saying hi! 

2016-09-21 - (Heathen Harvest news) - A new review published at Heathen Harvest, on the 3CD tribute compilation to John Murphy. I hope it helps solidify the man's legacy. The review can be read here.

2016-09-01 - (neo-peplum news) - Somewhat related to my neo-peplum book, but I had a review published on the new Ben-Hur film over at Fanbase Press. Give it a read here!

2016-08-31 - (Lots of news!) - Two big bits of news! First, a new episode of HP Lovecast was recorded over the weekend. We talked about the first four short stories in The King in Yellow. Please have a listen here

Secondly, Michele and I are co-chairs of a brand new academic conference we spearheaded, the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference. It's a horror-focused conference, all aspects of horror from movies to the written word. It's a part of StokerCon, the yearly conference of the Horror Writers Association. Fellow academics, please consider checking it out and submitting an abstract here:

2016-08-24 - (music news) - The new Uruk-Hai best of album, Elbanglanz, just got released! Alex W. of Uruk-Hai reached out to me for song suggestions to be included on the album. I am listed in the thank you section, very, very cool! I've added the release to my discography section. 

2016-07-29 - (Lovecraft News) - I've just had my first short story published! It's called "Nix's Night About Town" and it's a Dreamlands story about a cat from Ulthar. It's in the anthology Kill those Damn Cats: Cats of Ulthar Lovecraftian Anthology. E-book and Physical copies can be purchased from Amazon here

Cats of Ulthar - Nix's Night About Town

2016-07-02 - (Lots of news) - I am a little behind on updating my page here, it's been hectic lately. First, a new review published at Heathen Harvest on Something to Drink 6 by Division S. That can be read here. Second, a new episode of HP Lovecast Podcast was recorded, this time on Kickstarted Lovecraft comics. That can be heard here. Finally, and most importantly, I've extended the submission window to my Neo-Peplum book to July 29th. More details can be read under the Neo-Peplum book section.

2016-06-14 - (Fanbase Press) - I reviewed one of my favourite comic series, Kelly Green: The Complete Collection over at Fanbase Press. Please have a read here

2016-06-13 - (Heathen Harvest) - I had the honour to review the new Perturbator album "The Uncanny Valley" which is amazing. The review can be read here

2016-06-09 - (Fanbase Press) - I reviewed the book Whispers from the Abyss vol 2 over at Fanbase Press, have a look here

2016-05-27 - (HP Lovecast) - Forgot to post this earlier, but we recorded a new episode of HP Lovecast this week. For this episode we discuss "The Deep Ones" by James Wade. Have a listen here

2016-04-27 - (Heathen Harvest) - I have a new review published at Heathen Harvest, on the album "Grave Needs" by Time Moth Eye and The Spectral Light. Read it here.

2016-04-17 - (HP Lovecast and misc.) - Recorded the newest episode of HP Lovecast this morning, we talk about The Call of Cthulhu. This was our anniversary show, one full year doing the podcast! Click the link to listen above to listen. Secondly, my friend Shaena Stabler has a new music video for her song "Just for Tonight" and in the music video you can see Michele and I in the background rocking it out. Check that out as well here

2016-03-31 - (Neo-Peplum News) - I've secured a contract with a publisher to do an edited anthology on Neo-Peplum films. I've created a new page for this book, and right now it houses the CFP.

2016-03-28 (Heilige Tod) - My neglected neofolk blog has been updated with an interview with the German darkfolk act MARS. Have a read

2016-03-27 (Heathen Harvest) - A new review is up at Heathen Harvest, From the Ashes by Miel Noir. Read it here

2016-03-06 - (HP Lovecast) - New podcast is up for HP Lovecast. This is a special episode for it is the first time we have guests! We talk to Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy about 01 Publishing and Casefile Arkham. Have a listen!

2016-02-24 - (Heathen Harvest) - A new review published at Heathen Harvest, the new TSIDMZ album Rene Guenon et la tradition primordiale. Check it out here

2016-01-31 - (Heathen Harvest) - A review published at Heathen Harvest, a spoken word vinyl with two stories by H.P. Lovecraft, "The Hound" and "The Music of Erich Zann." It can be read right here

2016-01-24 - (HP Lovecast) - Recorded a new episode of HP Lovecast today, "The Spawn of the Green Abyss" by C. Hall Thompson. Have a listen here

2015-12-30 - (Heathen Harvest News) - My final article for 2015 being published at Heathen Harvest, this time it is a book review for The Zaum of Zeena - a zine/book about Zeena Schreck. Have a read here.

2015-12-22 - (Heathen Harvest news) - Two bits of news at Heathen Harvest. First, they just did a wrap up of the top releases of 2015 and the top release in the past 5 years. The article has my 4 picks and a brief paragraph about each, it can be read here. If you wanna know what my choices are, you gotta check it out. Second my review of the Rasplyn album Scenes Through the Magic Eye has also been published, and that can be read here

2015-12-18 - (misc news) - The Honour and Darkness blog has just done a write up about the book Black Metal: European Roots and Musical Extremities and yours truly has a two paragraph review in it (listed as independent critique). Check it out here

2015-11-24 - (writing news) - The print version of The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics just got published, and my book review of Simone Castaldi's book Drawn and Dangerous: Italian Comics of the 1970s and 1980s is in it! How awesome is that! I submitted it a year ago thinking it was just an electronic journal for libraries, but here it is, a print version. Awesome! If cuious, it is Volume 6 Number 4, December 2015. 

Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics vol 6 num 4 Dec 2015

2015-11-09 - (Heathen Harvest news) - I have a new review published at Heathen Harvest on the 3-way split CD Unsere Weltanschauung with J Orphic, Epoch and TSIDMZ. Have a read!

2015-11-07 - (Ceremony of Innocence News) - The Honour and Darkness blog just did a mighty favorable review for Labyrinth of the Mind. Have a read!

2015-10-25 - (HP Lovecast) - The newest episode of HP Lovecast is up! This time we talk about the film version of Re-Animator. Check it out here.

2015-10-19 - (misc news) - Colin of the band Hands of Ruin just did a blog post about the same-ness found in martial-industrial music. Yours truly was cited from a Reddit comment and had some of his reviews done for Heathen Harvest factored into his dataset. Check it out here! (ps - I'm rotorschnee).

2015-10-06 - (Heathen Harvest News) - My concert report of DEAES and The Blood Wisdom at their Anaheim show in late August has been published. Please have a read right here. I also added a new section to Bibliography, putting down all the things my name appears in due to crowdfunding, thanks, contributions, and other stuff. 

2015-09-20 - (HP Lovecast) - Newest episode of HP Lovecast is now up! This time we tackle 3 Dreamlands stories: Azathoth and The Other Gods by Lovecraft, but also The House of the Worm by Gary Myers. Have a listen here!

2015-09-14 - (Heathen Harvest news) - I've just completed an amazing academic book review of the book Troubadours of the Apocalypse that has been published at Heathen Harvest. I love doing these in-depth book reviews, and an opportunity to do one on a subject matter near and dear to me was something I jumped at. Please have a read of the review right here

2015-09-07 - (HP Lovecast news) - An article about HP Lovecast has appeared at the SWPACA website. This is the conference I present at each year. Awesome to receive a mention! Read it at the website here

2015-08-28 (Heathen Harvest news) - New review is up, this one for the album Unternehmen by Giftstrauch. Check it out here!

2015-08-25 - (Heathen Harvest news) - My concert review for the KMFDM/CHANT/Ravens Moreland concert has been published at Heathen Harvest! It is extremely indeph, and for the first time, we got press passes and everything! Michele did some great photos too. Check out the document of the event here

2015-08-16 - (HP Lovecast) - New episode of HP Lovecast is up! On this episode we talk about The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Have a listen!

2015-08-13 - (misc. news) - My friend Madeleine Holly-Rosing of the steampunk comic Boston Metaphysical Society just published a collection of short stories called Boston Metaphysical Society: Prelude. I was invited to be a beta reader for the chapter "The Secret of Kage House" where I supplied back edits, thoughts, suggestions, etc. I have a thank you shout out mentioned in the introduction (though my name is spelt incorrectly :D ). Check out the book at its Amazon entry where you can find both Kindle and print versions. 

2015-07-29 - (Heathen Harvest news) - A new review published at Heathen Harvest, Retrospettiva: 2004-2014 by Hidden Place. Take a look at it here

2015-07-26 - (Heathen Harvest news) - New review published at Heathen Harvest, Offering by Green Elder. Have a read of it here!

2015-07-19 - (HP Lovecast news) - Newest episode of HP Lovecast was recorded this morning and is now up. This time we talked about The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. Check it out here

2015-07-11 - (Italian Spy Film news) - Article at Texas Tech Univ. about one of my mentors, Rob Weiner - lots of mentions and visuals of the James Bond and Popular Culture book. Have a read here

2015-07-03 - (Heathen Harvest news) - I had the opportunity to review the debut of Massenhysterie - a really fantastic dark dance band. Check the review out here and be supportive! 

2015-07-01 - (Some More Weird Tales Blog news) - My first essay is now up at this blog, where I talk about Herbert West being a ladies' man. Check it out

2015-06-29 - (Some More Weird Tales Blog news) - Jule, from our Lovecraft podcast, started a supplemental blog to go with our monthly activities. I've been invited to write for it, so expect an article here and there from me to be published here.

2015-06-27 - (HP Lovecast news) - This morning we recorded a new episode of HP Lovecast. Topic this time? Herbert West: Re-Animator. Have a listen at the youtube channel here. We are going to play with getting the audio onto other platforms. 

2015-06-26 - (Heathen Harvest news) - My concert review of the Ostara acoustic show from the prior month in Los Angeles has now been published at Heathen Harvest. Check it out here.

2015-06-11 - (Heilige Tod news) - An update to my neofolk blog! It's been a while, the last time was the ROME concert and before that.... I don't even know! This time I tackle the vinyl Ride the Tiger by the American neofolk act Changes. Check it out here!

2015-06-08 - (Call for Papers news) - Michele has a new call for papers out there now, this one on Space-Horror films. I'll be submitting to it, I encourage others to as well! Link is right here:

2015-06-02 - (Podcast news) - I completely forgot to mention this, but over the weekend I recorded with Michele, Adam, Jule and Ashley, epsisode 2 of our HP Lovecast. This time we talked about "The Cats of Ulthar". Check it out!

2015-06-01 - (Heathen Harvest) - A second interview I conducted just got published at Heathen Harvest this evening - my interview with Lisa Duse of Porta Vittoria. As you all know, Porta Vittoria is one of the most important bands to me, and I hold Lisa in the highest regards. Please check out the interview here!

2015-05-27 - (Heathen Harvest news) - Holy smokes, 3 days later and I have another review published at Heathen Harvest! This time I tackle the album "Cleansing Silence" by the Dark Folk / Dark Ambient project The Way to Light. Read it here!

2015-05-24 - (Heathen Harvest news) - A new review I composed, about the album Werewolf Songs by Stone Breath just got published at Heathen Harvest. Check it out here.

2015-05-18 - (Heathen Harvest news) - My interview with Sara Lux of the Italian synthpop/new wave/electro band Hidden Place has been published. Check it out here.

2015-05-03 - (Italian spy films news) - The online journal Communication Booknotes Quarterly has a "review" about James Bond and Popular Culture written by Christopher H. Sterling. I use the term "review" loosely since all he does is say the book exists and say its lacks pictures. Not really an in depth review at all. Regardless, added it to The Italian Eurospy section, and you can check the review out here

2015-04-29 - (music news) - Two music updates two days in a row! The new Ceremony of Innocence split EP with Onyx was just released. I did lyrics and vocals for three of the tracks. Added it to the discography section. I still got a few updates to do for lyrics and essays at this website and the official COI website. If your interested in buying a copy, drop me a line!

2015-04-28 - (Music news) - The new TSIDMZ album, René Guénon Et La Tradition Primordiale, was just released by Old Europa Café, and I am mentioned in the thanks credit! Added this to the discography section. With sincerity and humility, I am thankful to be listed in the album. So cool!

2015-04-22 - (Heathen Harvest News) - A new review of mine has been published at Heathen Harvest: the free digital EP download Stuka by the German martial band Waffenruhe. Check it out!

2015-04-19 - (Podcast news) - What an interesting  Sunday it has turned out to be! First I woke up and received an email from the Horror Writers Association, confirming I passed their muster and am now a member (Academic Level). Nice! Secondly, I was part of a brand new podcast, one focusing on HP Lovecraft. The first episode (I guess?), we just recorded today! I've never done a podcast before, so it's very exciting and I hope it turns into something awesome. The podcast was coordinated by Adam Crowley, recorded by Ashley Barry, and myself, Michele and Jule were all participants. Here is a link, have a listen (I am very dyslexic in it!):

2015-04-12 - (Heilige Tod news) - This past Friday I had the opportunity to see Rome perform again, along with the bands Worm Ouroboros and Daemonia Nymphe. I have an in-depth write up at my blog, check it out here

2015-04-09 - (Italian Eurospy Films news) - Cinema Retro did a review of the book James Bond and Popular Culture. Read it here!  Maybe not the most objective review, since the reviewer starts his piece off lamenting how he couldn't get his own James Bond book published. At least he highlights that the essays are well researched (which they are). 

2015-04-05 - (Heathen Harvest News) - I am back from the 3 day Wondercon comic book convention, and I am pooped! It was a blast! While I was attending, one of my reviews got published at Heathen Harvest: Europa Rex by Legionarii. You can read the review here - it's a fairly brutal review and the lowest rated album I've had to do yet. 

2015-03-22 - (Heathen Harvest News) - A new review by me up at Heathen Harvest: Night for Day by Black Light. Give it a read here!  Also, the Guardian did a review of James Bond and Popular Culture last week, and myself and my chapter was mentioned. I've added that to the bibliography section, but you can check it out here too. 

2015-03-16 - (site news) - Updated Italian Eurospy Films section to list all the films I referenced in my dataset in my essay. Also joined Twitter, but not sure how to use it yet.

2015-03-01 - (Heathen Harvest news) - I have a new review published at Heathen Harvest. This time I reviewed the album Veritas by the Mediterranean Military Pop band Lupi Gladius. Have a gander at the review at the Heathen Harvest page!

2015-02-15 - (music and Heilige Tod news) - First, a new Ceremony of Innocence CD is in the works. It will be a split album with Onyx, probably released on Alex's W.A.R. Records. Very excited for this, since both Alex and Elliott are very close friends. More details soon. Secondly I got a new essay up at my Heilige Tod blog. It's  a quick one, maybe not as meaty, but I wanted to get something up as I continue to work on other writing. This one is for the single/song "Die Bruecke" by Porta Vittoria and Sonnenkind. Check it out here: .

2015-02-13 - (music news) - The Onyx Warcraft re-release has been cancelled for the time being. The Old Industries label that was going to release looks to have dubious political views. Onyx is going to instead look into releasing it at a 7" vinyl, which sounds way more exciting! If more news pops up, I'll post it here. 

2015-01-29 - (Heathen Harvest news) - A new review by me is up at Heathen Harvest: Grim King of the Ghosts by Awen

2015-01-27 - (Heathen Harvest news) - I am now officially listed as a contributor to Heathen Harvest. Awesome!
2015-01-24 - (silly news) - I've been a supporter of artist/writer Dan Mendoza for a while. He was asking folks on Facebook to send in letters to support Zombie Tramp, and I did, and it got published in issue #6. Very fun! (You better believe I added it to my bibliography). 

Dan Mendoza Zombie Tramp

2015-01-22 - (Heathen Harvest news) - I've been invited by Heathen Harvest to do reviews at their online periodical. My first review went up today, Strydwolf's Aus Alter Zeit album. I've added it to the bibliography, but you can also find a link to here here: .

2015-01-05 - (site news) - I've modified the front page of my website to have a banner up for a duration of a Kickstarter I support. My friend Beth Cato has been invited to be part of an anthology of Weird Wild West Tales, compiled/edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail and I am supportive of this project. So please consider checking it out and contributing to it:
2015-01-02 - (Heilge Tod news) - A new article is up on my neofolk blog. Not an academic one, but a fun one recapping the CDs and albums I got in 2014, my impressions on them and my top 3:
2014-12-27 - (site news) - Another review of the James Bond and Popular Culture book is online, this time at Entertainment Focus. I've added it to the Italian Eurospy Films page, but you can check it out here. 3 of 5 stars, not bad! They really liked the TV section. 

2014-12-18 - (writing news) - My review of Simone Castaldi's book Drawn and Dangerous: Italian Comics of the 1970s and 1980s has now been published in the electronic scholarly Journal of Graphics Novels and Comics, under the Taylor and Francis umbrella. I've added a link to a preview of the review to the Bibliography section, but here it is right here too. However, this is an online academic journal, so access to it is both limited or very expensive. Im given 50 e-links for the full text I can share, so if you're really interested in reading it, contact me and I'll give a link to the full text. 

2014-12-17 - (site news) - The first review of James Bond and Popular Culture online is up! Written by Joshua Desjardins at Fanboy Comics, I've added a link to the review under both Italian Eurospy Films and the Bibliography, or you can simply click here to go straight to it.
2014-12-14 - (site news) - Added a subsection under Bibliography called "Reviews About My Work" where I link to other websites that have reviews about things I appear on. 
2014-12-10 - (misc. news) - Nothing really major going on, mostly minor web site maintenance. I've setup author pages at Goodreads and Amazon and been scouring the web for any instances talking about the James Bond book and linking them here. I still have essays I am working on, the Verney 1832 and MARS essays, but others as well. But mostly the time has been looking for ways to get the word out on the book. I want it to be successful! 
2014-11-04 - (book news) - It is out! The book James Bond and Popular Culture, has been officially released! All the major online booksellers and the publisher are now carrying it. I got my copy today as well. I'll change the verbiage on the Italian Eurospy Films page to reflect this. So today, it's official - I've now been published by a real press in a real academic book! 

Nicholas Diak and the James Bond Book

2014-10-27 - (misc. news) - A few minor tidbits of news here and there.
  • The proof and index for James Bond and Popular Culture was returned to McFarland last week and per them, sent off to the printers on Friday. Hopefully I'll find out a proper release date soon.
  • A new Ceremony of Innocence song was recorded. It's another Spanish song, called "La Costurera". I'll be updating the COI website and this website with more info.
  • Goodreads now has an entry for James Bond and Popular Culture. I've updated my Italian Eurospy Films page with a link.
2014-09-30 - (music news) - The Warcraft album by Onyx is getting a re-release! The original tape edition released earlier this year by Wulfrune Worxxx has sold out. Another label, Old Industries, will be releasing a version in 99 copies, with 2 additional bonus tracks and alternative pictures from Michele Brittany. I've added this release to the discography section. If interested in pre-ordering, please contact Onyx at their Facebook page at or the Old Industries label at their Facebook page at .

2014-09-26 - (writing and other news) - Some miscellaneous news and tidbits:
  • Yesterday I officially turned in my manuscript for a review of the book Drawn and Dangerous: Italian Comics of the 1970s and 1980s by Simone Castaldi to the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics over in the UK. Once it gets published I'll be sure to announce it here and add it to my bibliography. 
  • I'll be at the Long Beach Comic Con tomorrow and Sunday, and the HP Lovecraft Film Festival too. If you see me, give me a high-five!
  • My friend Cornelius wrote this directed to me: Last night I dreamed of a book: "Angst Of The Super Heroes. A Study On Fear In Comic Books". The cover depicted a female super heroine wearing some sort of a futuristic robotic uniform, standing on the roof of the Empire State Building, and suffering from a heavy acrophobia attack. The cover looked pretty much like a DC comic book. Strange, because usually I don't read comics. I dreamed in English, because of that the title was in English too. Nicholas Diak, perhaps this is a book for you to write? - I am pasting the text here as posterity that I need to make this dream prophetic and compose a piece fitting Cornelius' dream. 

2014-09-20 - (site news) - The new album from Italian synthpop group TourdeForce, Jedem Das Seine, has been released. I am mentioned in the credits as "invaluable consulting" - but to let you in on a secret, I just did some proofreading and grammar checking. But I am very honoured to be mentioned as such on this album especially since its a side project of Chris R. of Porta Vittoria, one of my hero bands. I've added the CD to the Discography page. Sincere and humbled thanks to Chris!

2014-09-17 - (Heilge Tod news) - I totally forgot to post this here, but over the weekend I finished my newest essay at my neofolk blog, the Changes portion of the Changes / Andrew King split CD from Terra Fria. Here's the link!
2014-08-14 - (Ceremony of Innocence news) - The Honour and Darkness blog has a review of the last Ceremony of Innocence single, City Lights. Have a read! .

2014-07-14 - (site news) - The new Sonnenkind album, Eulenspiegels Wiederkehr, has came out and I am mentioned in the thanks section. I am very honoured and flattered. I've added the release to the discography section. Thanks Rudolf!

2014-07-10 - (book news) - McFarland updated their website for a page for the James Bond book! The website can be located here: . I've also updated my pages under Italian Eurospy Films accordingly.
2014-07-04 - (personal news) - I'll be wandering around Anime Expo July 4th - 6th. Also, first draft of a short story I been working on since Free comic Book day is completed. I've posted it on Reddit to be reviewed. After some tweaking, I will try and submit it to some short story anthology publishers. 

2014-06-20 - (personal news) - Happy birthday to me. 

2014-05-30 - (site news) - Added a picture for the Onyx III release. Decided to join and see what that is about. Added that profile to my links list.

2014-05-25 - (site news) - Bought the domain name and pointed it to a page on this website I made specifically about my essay in the upcoming James Bond and Popular Culture book. 

2014-05-10 - (Heilige Tod news) - It is done! After months of research, writing, editing, my new essay is up at Heilige Tod. This time it is about the Allerseelen CD Pedra. Check it out!

2014-05-08 - (writing news) - Last Tuesday Michele sent her manuscript of her book (which has my chapter on 1960s Italian spy films) to the publisher. Today the publisher gave her the big news of a title along with an ISBN was generated. The wheels to publication seem to be moving fast!

2014-04-07 - (site news) - Lots of music news as of late.
  • The Onyx EP Warcraft came out recently on Wulfrune Worxxx. Elliott of Onyx has many copies for sale, so please reach out to him if your interested in obtaining a copy (or any other Onyx material). The cassette EP is really good: you got Elliott's trademark dungeon synth, but also a guest appearance of Jaron from the well received bands Ringbearer and Funeral Fornication on it. My girlfriend Michele also did photography while I contributed lyrics and vocals. It is a very stately release, and limited to 66 copies, so act fast! You can contact him via his facebook here:
  • The Discography section has the Warcraft entry updated to reflect it now being released
  • Added a small entry for the Onyx III release. Thanks credit is still credit! And I am of course grateful
  • Minor site maintenance here and there: correcting some spelling, formatting, etc.
  • Next week I'll be at Wondercon in Anaheim, wondering around, getting sketches in my pinup book. Anyone local who is attending, hit me up for high fives!
2014-03-09 - (site news) - Created an index of all my essays at on their own page here for an easy way to find an article, essay, or review you're looking for. 

2014-03-05 - Michele has a new article up at her Spyfi and Superspies blog recapping the SW PCA/ACA conference, including the panel I was on and the screening of The Quiller Memorandum. Joe Bob says check it out:

2014-02-28 - Lots of minor updates:
  • The conference was completed last week, and it wasn't the most successful. Michele and I were ill the entire time which put a damper on it. My presentation at 8am on Thursday didn't exactly have the best attendance either. I am looking at perhaps recording my presentation and making a video, but since the verbiage will be in Michele's James Bond book, perhaps that's not the best idea.
  • Currently working on my first Terra Fria article about the Allerseelen CD of Pedra. Questions have been sent off to Gerhard Hallstat, so we shall see how that turns out
  • I totally bought my way onto the DVD of the Bettie Page documentary. What can I say, I love Bettie Page. I didn't get to see the movie in the theatre, but the company releasing the DVD put the opportunity out there to get your name listed in the credits as a supporter which I jumped on because I totally go for gimmicks like that. The DVD is not out yet, but I am listed under the "Camera Club Members" section of the website for now:
2014-02-17 - Tomorrow I leave for Albuquerque for this years SW PCA/ACA conference. I'll be a panelist for discussion The Quiller Memorandum and also presenting my chapter for the upcoming James Bond and Popular Culture book. My presentation is at 8am Thursday morning. Anyone in the ABQ area who wants to meet up, email me! 

2014-02-09 - (Heilige Tod news) - After almost 2 months of work, my review/essay/analysis of the TSIDMZ album Ungern von Sternberg Khan has been published at my blog. Direct link:

2014-02-04 - (Ceremony of Innocence news) - A new Ceremony of Innocence song has been written by yours truly and recorded this morning by Alex. No release plans quite yet, but check out the lyrics and the commentary here: . 
2014-01-31 - (site news) - Added a biography (about time!)
2014-01-27 - (LOTS of updates) - lots and lots of updates, got to play catchup!
  • I will be attending the the Southwest Popular Culture/American Culture Association conference in February 2013 giving a presentation on Italian spy films of the 1960s. My presentation will be at 8:00 am February 20th. Please stop by, say hi and be supportive! More information (including conference schedule) can be found here:
  • I am currently working on a song for the Onyx project. The song is called "Kalimdor" and will feature lyrics and spoken words by yours truly. Watch this website for news, or the official Onyx Facebook.
  • In regards to Michele Brittany's anthology of James Bond and Popular Culture that I have been helping edit and I also have a chapter in: first round of edits have been sent back to the original authors. I only have my endnotes and one paragraph I need to update and my chapter is done. The book will be turned into the publishers at the end of March. 
  • I am currently writing a HUGE essay/review of the TSIDMZ album Ungern von Sternberg Kahn for my blog. I hope to have it done soon.
  • After my TSIDMZ article my next essays will focus on a retrospective of the Terra Fria label
  • Check the Ceremony of Innocence website, the new CD, City Lights, has been officially released! Direct links are at the COI website, or you can email Alex or Catgirl records too.
2014-01-11 - (Heilige Tod news) - A small essay on the World of Gothic compilation is up:

2013-12-15 - (Heilige Tod news) - An interview is up at the Heilige Tod blog. This interview is with Sven Phalanx of the band Schattenspiel. Check it out!

2013-12-08 - (Heilige Tod news) - New review is up at Heilige Tod - this one for The Ivory Rehearsals by Sagittarius. . 

2013-12-08 - (site news) - Website goes live for my homepage at Google Sites. Will eventually move to normal hosting, but this will do for now.