Various links to pages I'm involved in, my girlfriend is, or friends I support. 

My Pages

Other pages that I either maintain, are involved in or are about me. 

About.Me Site - My page at About.Me - My profile at
Amazon Author Page - My page at Amazon's Author Central
Ceremony of Innocence - Austrian neofolk/dream-pop project I do lyrics and vocals for and maintain the website
Ceremony of Innocence (Facebook) - Facebook page of the project - My entry at Discogs
Facebook - My Facebook feed (more updated now than my google+)
Goodreads - My page at Goodreads
Google+ - My Social Media feed (I use Facebook over this now)
Google Scholar - My entry at Google Scholar
Heilige Tod - My academic blog as I dive into the world of neofolk and martial music
Instagram - My Instagram account
Kudos - My profile at Kudos
LinkedIn Profile  - My Professional account
NCIS Page - my entry at the National Coalition of Independent Scholars
Twitter - Twitter Account
YouTube - My YouTube channel 

HP Lovecast

Official pages on HP Lovecast, the monthly podcast I am a part of that focuses on both the written work and the pop culture influence of HP Lovecraft.

Some More Weird Tales - official blog for HP Lovecast (not really in use)
Twitter - official HP Lovecast twitter page
Youtube - official Youtube channel, also 

Bands/Music I Support

List of bands and projects of my friends that I whole-heartidly support. I strongly recommend checking them out as they are great and talented musicians. 
Changes - neofolk band with my friend Nicholas Tesluk
Eismond - Space-Black-Metal with my friend Alex Wieser
Fahl - Dark folk project with my friend Marcel P. 
Heathen Harvest - Online music website devoted to post-industrial and neofolk music. I'm a contributor!
Hrefnesholt - Ur-folk project with my friend Alex Wieser
Modern Funeral Art - Doom metal project with my friend Ben S. 
Miel Noir - Neofolk/dark-pop project with my friend Marcel P.
Onyx - Dungeon-Ambient project with my friend Elliott 
Pale Roses - Neofolk project with my friend Ben S. 
Porta Vittoria -Mediterranean-Pop projects with my friends Christian and Lisa
Schattenspiel - Neofolk/Dark-Electronic project by my friend Sven Phalanx.
Suverana - Martial/experimental project with my friend Mario
Uruk-Hai - Tolkien influence black-ambient/black metal with my friend Alex Wieser
Verney 1826 - Neoclassical project by my friend Lionel Verney.
Comics and Artists I Support

Artists, illustrators, writers, letterers, and publishers I've befriended over the years.
Beton Brut - comic by my friend Ken Holewczynski
Boston Metaphysical Society - Steampunk comic written by Madeleine Holly-Rosing
Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade - Comic written by my friend David Blake Lucarelli
Danny Silva - Artist Danny Silva (specialty is trading cards)
Dave Crosland - Epic artist Dave Crosland
Fanbase Press - Comic Book and other media publisher, headed by my good friends Barbra and Bryant Dillon
Jacqueline Monroe - Illustrator and web comic artist
Nicholas Tesluk - Nicholas' gallery of his pastel work
Saints & Sinners - Webcomic by my friends Michelle Inez and Jacqueline Monroe
Zombie Tramp - Comic written/drawn by Dan Mendoza

Other Scholars, Writers or Friends I Support

Adam Crowley - YouTube channel of my academic colleague, Adam Crowley. Lots of presentations!
Beth Cato - Official website of steampunk author and master baker Bath Cato
Cerebral Writer - Official website of author Leigh Lane
Invisible War - Official website for Rev. Raul Antony. 
Janet Joyce Holden - Official website of horror writer Janet J Holden
Katie Montana Jordan - Official website of paranormal expert Katie Montana Jordan
Madi2theMax - YouTube Channel of Madison Brunoehler
Miss Victory Violet - blog of the coolest pinup lady, Miss Victory Violet
Robert Payne Cabeen - Official website of horror poet Robert Payne Cabeen, author of Fearworms, and one of the driving forces that got Anime here back in the 1990s. 
Zeena Shreck - one of my role model, multi-media artists