Links / Social Media

Various links to my social media pages, or other websites I'm involved in. 

My Pages

Other pages that I either maintain, are involved in or are about me. 

About.Me Site - My page at About.Me - My profile at
Amazon Author Page - My page at Amazon's Author Central
Bookogs Page - My credits page at Bookogs
Ceremony of Innocence - Austrian neofolk/dream-pop project I do lyrics and vocals for and maintain the website
Ceremony of Innocence (Facebook) - Facebook page of the project - My entry at Discogs
Facebook - My Facebook feed
Goodreads - My page at Goodreads
Google Scholar - My entry at Google Scholar
Heilige Tod - My academic blog as I dive into the world of neofolk and martial music
Instagram - My Instagram account
Kudos - My profile at Kudos
LinkedIn Profile  - My Professional account
Twitter - Twitter Account
YouTube - My YouTube channel 

HP Lovecast

Official pages on HP Lovecast, the monthly podcast I am a part of that focuses on both the written work and the pop culture influence of HP Lovecraft.

Homepage - official website - all of our episodes are uploaded here, ready to stream or download
Facebook - official Facebook page
Twitter - official HP Lovecast twitter page