Italian Eurospy Films

I have written an essay titled "Permission to Kill: Exploring Italy's 1960s Eurospy Phenomenon, Impact and Legacy" that has been released in the anthology book James Bond and Popular Culture: Essays on the Influence of the Fictional Superspy. This ambitious tome is edited by Michele Brittany and was released by McFarland Press on 2014-11-04. 

James Bond and Popular Culture

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This essay is the first of its kind to look academically at the Italian Eurospy films, a genre cycle overshadowed by scholarly work done on other Italian film cycles: giallos, spaghetti westerns, peplums, gothic horror films, etc.  It lays the groundwork of serious reconsideration of this filone by covering the following topics:
  • Why it is important to view the Italian Eurospies as its own filone instead of just a subset of Eurospy films
  • Why the films need to be viewed with the lens of vernacular cinema, a framework pioneered by Mikel Koven
  • What actually is an Italian Eurospy film?
  • How many films make up the cycle, both directed by Italian directors and produced by Italian companies?
  • A graphical analysis showing the rise and fall of the cycle
  • How this cycle openly plagiarized other spy films of the era
  • The impact the Italian Eurospy cycle had on other Italian filones, such as spaghetti westerns and comic book movies
  • How the Italian Eurospy films were able to anticipate filmic elements before their James Bond counterparts were able to
  • And how the legacy of these films have been immortalized in successor films
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Data Set

In my essay, I came up with a large data set for the number of entries in the Italian Eurospy Cycle of films. While the dataset is rather large and too cumbersome for print in that essay, here is the dataset here incase anyone needs to data check it, reference it, point out errors or omissions, or verify how I came up with the figure I did. 

When writing the essay, I came up with 155 Italian Eurospy films. Of those, 107 were actually directed by an Italian director while the rest only had Italian production or co-production.

Italian Directed

002 Agente Segretissimi (Fulci, 1964)
002 Operazione Luna (Fulci, 1965)
13 Days to Die (Cardone, 1965)
7 Cinesi D'oro (Cascino, 1967)
7 Golden Women Against Two 07 (Cascino, 1966)
A 008 Operation Exterminate (Lenzi, 1965)
Agent X-17 (Boccia, 1965)
Agente Segreto 070 Thunderbay - Missione Grasshopper (Canevari, 1965)
Agente Segreto 777: Operazione Mistero (Bomba, 1965)
Agente Sigma 3 - Missione Goldwather (Callegari, 1965)
Assalto Al Tesoro Di Stato (Pierotti, 1967)
Assassintation (Miraglia, 1967)
Baraka X 77 (Siano, 1965)
Beckett Affair, The (Civirani, 1966)
Big Blackout, The (Capuano, 1966)
Black Box Affair, The (Ciorciolini, 1966)
Blueprint for a Massacre (Montero, 1966)
Cave of Diamonds (Parolini, 19640
Cobra, The (Sequi, 1967)
Come rubammo la bomba atomica (Fulci, 1967)
Danger!! Death Ray (Baldanello, 1967)
Desperate Mission (Montero, 1965)
Devil's Man, The (Bianchini, 1967)
Dick Smart 2.007 (Prosperi, 1967)
Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (Bava, 19760
Due Mafioso Contro Goldginger (Simonelli, 1965)
Espionage in Tangiers (Tallas, 1965)
Fantabulous Inc. (Spina, 1967)
FBI Operazione Vipera Gialla (Medori, 1964)
Fron Istanbul, Orders to Kill (Ferrero, 1965)
Fuller Report (Grieco, 1968)
Furia A Marrakesh (Martino, 1966)
Fury on the Bosphorus (Grieco, 1965)
FX 18 Superspy (Freda, 1965)
Goldsnake (Baldi, 1966)
Handle with Care (Zurli, 1967)
Hunter of the Unknown (Solima, 1966)
Hunting the Unknown (Parolini, 1965)
Hypnos - Folia Di Un Massacro (Bianchini, 1967)
Il Coraggiose, Lo Spietato, Il Traditore (Mulargia, 1967)
Il Vostro Superagente Flit (Laurenti, 1966)
Inferno A Caracas (Baldi, 1966)
Intrigo A Los Angeles (Ferrara, 1964)
Intrigue at Suez (Heusch, 1966)
Italian Secret Service (Comencini, 1967)
James Tont Operazione Due (Corbucci, 1965)
James Tont Operazione Uno (Corbucci, 1965)
Kill Panther Kill (Parolini, 1968)
Killer Likes Candy, The (Chentrens, 1968)
Killers are Challenged (Margheriti, 1966)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Tessari, 1966)
Kiss the Girls and Make them Die (Maiuri, 1966)
La Spia Che Viene Dal Mare (Benvenuti, 1966)
Last Chance, The (Rosati, 1969)
Last Man to Kill (Lenzi, 1966)
Last Plane to Baalbeck (Giannini, 1964)
Le Tigre Sort Sans Sa Mere (Maffei, 1967)
Lightning Bolt (Margheriti, 1966)
LSD: Hell for a Few Dollars More (Mida, 1967)
M.M.M. 3 (Bergonzelli, 1965)
Madigan's Millons (Gentilli, 1968)
Mark Donen Agente Z7 (Romitelli, 1965)
Master Stroke (Lupo, 1967)
Matchless (Lattuada, 1967)
Mexican Slay Ride (Freda, 1967)
Mission Bloody Mary (Grieco, 1965)
Moving Target (Corbucci, 1967)
Naked You Die (Margheriti, 1968) - NOTE: a giallo, but factors into Eurospy
Nazi SS (Paolinelli, 1966)
Operation Atlantis (Paolella, 1965)
Operation Counterspy (Nostro, 1965)
Operation Double 007 (De Martino, 1967)
Operation Hong Kong (Stegani, 1964)
Operation Poker (Civirani, 1966)
Operation White Shark (Ratti, 1966)
Passport to Hell (Sollima, 1965)
Password: Kill Agent Gordon (Grieco, 1966)
Piege Pur Un Espions (Paolinelli, 19650
Ravishing Idiot (Molinaro, 1964)
Requiem for a Secret Agent (Sollima, 1967)
Rififi in Amsterdam (Grieco, 1966)
Ring Around the World (Scattini, 19660
Secret Agent Fireball (Martino, 1965)
Secret Agent Super Dragon (Ferroni, 1966)
Secret of the Sphinx, The (Tessari, 1965)
Sfida Nella Citta Dell'oro (Medori, 1962)
Si Muore Solo Una Volta (Romitelli, 1967)
Sicario 77 - Vivo O Morto (Guerrini, 1967)
Slalom (Salce, 1965)
So Darling, So Deadly (Parolini, 1966)
Special Cypher (Mercanti, 1966)
Special Mission Lady Chaplin (Grieco, 1966)
Spai, Spione (Corbucci, 1967)
Spies Against the World (Cardone, 1966)
Spies Strike Silently (Caiano, 1966)
Spy in your Eye (Sala, 1965)
Spy Who Loves Flowers, The (Lenzi, 1966)
Super Seven Calling Cairo (Lenzi, 1966)
Target Goldseven (Leonardi, 1967)
Three Golden Dragons (Mauri, 1968)
Ticket to Die (Bomba, 1966)
Tiffany Memorandum (Grieco, 1967)
Tom Dollar (Ciorciolini, 1967)
Top Secret (Cerchio, 1966)
Un Tango Dalla Russia (Canevari, 1965)
Upperseven, The Man to Kill (De Martino, 1965)
Ypotron (Stegani, 1965)

Italian Produced or Co-Producted

A Ghentar Si Muore Facile (Klimovsky, 1967)
Balearic Caper, The (Forque, 1966)
Carre De Dames Pour Un As (Poitrenaud, 1966)
Code Name: Jaguar (Labro, 1965)
Crime Story (Merino, 1967)
Death on a Rainy Day (Comas)
Death Trip (Zehetgruber, 1967)
Dirty Game, The (Young, 1965)
Elektra 1 (Balcazar, 1967)
Espionage in Lisbon (Demicheli, 1965)
Formula C-12 Beirut (Kohler, 1966)
FX-18 (Cloche, 1964)
Great Spy Chase, The (Lautner, 1964)
Hong Kong Hot Harbor (Roland, 1962)
Jeff Gordon, Secret Agent (Andre, 1963)
Judoka Secret Agent (Zimmer, 1966)
Le Judoka, Dans L'Enfer (Labro, 1968)
License to Kill (Decoin, 1964)
Lucky the Inscrutable (Franco, 1966)
Magnificent Tony Carrera, The (De La Loma, 1968)
Man on the Spying Trapeze (Orduna, 1966)
Marie-Chantal vs. Dr, Kha (Chabrol, 1965)
Million Dollar Man (Boisrond, 1967)
Mission to Caracas (Andre, 1965)
Misison to Venice (Versini, 1964)
Mistress of the World (Dieterle, 1960)
Occhio Per Occhio, Dente Per Dente (Iglesias, 1967)
One-Eye Soldiers (Ainsworth, 1965)
Only the Cool (Delannoy, 1969)
OSS 117 Double Agent (Desagnat, 1966)
OSS 117 From Tokyo with Love (Desagnat, 1966)
OSS 117 Mission for a Killer (Hunabelle, 1965)
OSS 117 Prend Des Vacances (Kalfron, 1969)
Our Agent in Casablanca (Demicheli, 1966)
Our Agent Tiger (Chabrol, 1965)
Our Man in Jamaica (von Theumer, 1965)
Red Dragon (Hofbauer, 1965)
Reluctant Spy, The (Dudrumet, 1963)
Shadow of Evil (Hunebelle, 1964)
Siete Minutos Para Morir (Fernandez, 1968)
Spy Hunt in Vienna (Wedienmann, 1965)
Spy I Love, The (Labro, 1964)
Spy Today, Die Tomorrow (Gottlieb, 19660
Target for Killing (Kohler, 1966)
That Man in Istanbul (Isasi-Isasmendi, 1965)
There's Going to be a Party (Montazel, 1960)
Venetian Affair, The (Thorpe, 1967)
Your Turn Darling (Borderie, 1963)