H. P. Lovecraft Studies

Since joining the Horror Writers Association and being a member of the H. P.  Lovecast Podcast, my interest in Lovecraft studies has grown exponentially. Since I've been contributing to Lovecraft scholarship via essays and reviews along with the podcast, I want to aggregate all my activities here.

In Print

My academic work with Lovecraft along with any fictional stories I've composed that has seen a printed release are listed below:
  • "Meteor Madness: Lovecraftian Horror and Consumerism in the Battle for Small Town USA" in Essays on Space Horror in Film, 1950s-2000s. Ed. Michele Brittany. McFarland, 2017.
  • "Nix's Night About Town" in Kill Those Damn Cats: Cats of Ulthar Lovecraftian Anthology. Ed. Khurt Khave. First United Church of Cthulhu, 2016. 
Horror In Space Anthology Kill Those Damn Cats Lovecraft Anthology


By being a popculture scholar and contributing to various online venues, I've had the opportunity to review work within the Lovecraft canon. 


Aside from reviews, I also compose online essays as well.

H.P. Lovecast Podcast

The H.P. Lovecast Podcast is a once a month "podcast" that is currently being self published on YouTube. Once a month, myself along with Michele Brittany, Adam Crowley, and Jule Schlag discuss a text or other media either author by Lovecraft or another author writing in his mythos. We discuss what the story accomplishes or does, critical analysis, influence and other aspects of ow it mingles in pop culture. The website for the podcast can be found at http://www.hplovecast.com while an episode guide can be found below:

2015 Episodes

Episode 02 - The Cats of Ulthar - recorded 2015-05-30
Episode 07 - Re-Animator (Film) - recorded 2015-10-26
Episode 08 - Under the Pyramids - recorded 2015-11-22

2016 Episodes

Episode 12a - The Shadow over Innsmouth - recorded 2016-03-13 (technical issues)
Episode 12b - The Shadow over Innsmouth - recorded 2016-03-13 (technical issues)
Episode 14 - The Deep Ones - recorded 2016-05-22
Episode 17 - Pickman's Model - recorded 2016-11-06

2017 Episodes

Episode 19 - The Dunwich Horror - recorded 2017-01-22