This google site is now defunct. Go ahead and scoot to nickdiak.com for the newest website. 


Welcome to the homepage of Nicholas Diak. I'm a data/systems/integrations analyst, but also a pop culture scholar with interests in post-industrial music (such as neofolk and martial industrial), synthwave music, H. P. Lovecraft, Italian genre films (with a specialty of Eurospy films) and of neo-peplum/swords and sandals cinema. I'm a presenter, writer and an editor, having contributed academic essays and reviews to various scholarly anthologies, journals, and pop culture websites. 

This website serves as a general hub for all the projects, writing, music, and conferences that I am involved in. Use the left menu or below to navigate. I appreciate you taking an interest in my endeavors. 

News - This shows the most current news of my activities, including essays being published, conference appearances, and other projects
Appearances - Upcoming professional appearances (panels at conferences, presentations, etc.) as well as an archive of part appearances
Heilige Tod - An index of links to my content at my academic blog on neofolk and martial music
Italian Eurospy Films - A page dedicate to my research on this niche genre of Italian film studies
Neo-Pepum Book - A page dedicated to my neo-pepla studies and my book, The New Peplum: Essays on Sword and Sandal Films and Television Programs Since the 1990s
H. P. Lovecraft Studies - A hub for all my H. P. Lovecraft activities, including essays and links to episodes of the H. P. Lovecast Podcast
Biography - Biographical information about myself
Bibliography - Comprehensive list of all my published texts
Store - Consolidated page to were books I've been involved in can be purchased
Links - Links to social media as to where to find me (outside this website)
If your interested in collaborating on a project, have a question or comment, email me at vnvdiak@gmail.com or contact me via the most convenient social media outside for you (see links page). 

I've been a member of the HWA since 2015.