This is the homepage of Nicholas Diak (or Nick Diak, either/or). I am a systems/data person by day, but I'm also an academic and scholar of Italian film studies, neofolk music and other avenues of pop culture. I'm a writer and presenter and do plethora of other stuff. This page acts as a hub for all the projects, writing, music, etc. that I am involved in, and I try to keep it as up to date as possible. Note: if you're looking for Lumberjack Nick, that's a different (but awesome) dude, but I am not that guy.

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News - What's going on in my world. Updates to my scholarly blog on neofolk and martial music, appearances at conferences, Ceremony of Innocence news - these can all be found abridged here.
Heilige Tod - an index of links to all my essays, reviews and other scholarly writings at my academic blog on neofolk and martial music.
Italian Eurospy Films - a page dedicate to my research on this niche genre of Italian film studies
Biography - Biographical information about yours truly.
Bibliography - All the texts, books, essays, interviews, etc. I've written or been involved in.
Discography - All of the music projects and their releases I've collaborated on.
Links - Links to other pages I'm involved in (social media, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as links to my musician or artist friends.
If your interested in collaborating on a project, have a question or comment, email me at vnvdiak@gmail.com .