Heilige Tod

My scholarly blog on neofolk and martial music is actually at the website http://www.heiligetod.com . However Blogspot doesn't exactly have the best way to index my essays, so this page will be the comprehensive list of my essays and links to them. Note clicking them will leave my nickdiak.com website and take you there instead.

2014 - Year in Review and best Of - fun article on the releases of 2014 and my impressions of them
Allerseelen - Pedra - review and in-deph essay about this CD
Allerseelen - Sonne Golthi-Ade - filler review for this single
Changes - Changes/Andrew King - in deph essay about the Changes portion of this CD.
Changes - Ride the Tiger - review, interview, essay, etc. on this vinyl
Interview - Marcus S., Oliver F., and Nadine of MARS - indeph interview with the German darkfolk outfit
Interview - Sven Phalanx of Schattenspiel - An interview with Sven in regards to his band and his new release
Miel Noir - Honey and Ash - review for this album
Pale Roses - Princess of the Night - filler review for this single
Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit vs. Hrossharsgrani - S.P.Q.R. - filler review for this online split release
Porta Vittoria - Summer of our Discomfort - review and in-deph look at the videos for this band and their album
Porta Vittoria/Sonnenkind - Die Bruecke - review and essay on this digital single
Sagittarius - The Ivory Rehearsals - a simple review for this instrumental album 
The Skids and Their Influence on Neofolk/Martial Music - essay about influence of The Skids on these genres
Tobe Hooper, Laibach and Martial Industrial Music - a short essay about Tobe Hooper's influence on the martial-industrial genre by way of Laibach
TSIDMZ - Ungern von Sternberg Khan - A review along with an in-depth essay on this TSIDMZ album