Listing of films or videos I was either in, provided content for, or simply listed in a thank you (because I Kickstarted it or something).


Bettie Page Reveals All (2012, Mark Mori), Thank You section (contributed backing to blu-ray release)
Darksiders: The Documentary (2018, Gameumentary), Thank You section (contributed to Kickstarter)
Ghost Source Zero (2017, Mark Cheng), Special Thanks section (contributed to Kickstarter)
Living Room, The (Chris Capelluto), Thank You section (contributed to Kickstarter)
Some Unknown Full Moon Film (????), Executive Producer (got an executive prod. certificate for a film - no idea which one, someday will find out)
There's No Such Thing as Vampires (2019), Dead Body 


Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever. - Episode 8 (October, 2018, Netflix). Extra - manning the Roadhouse Sons booth. 

Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever. Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever. Poster

YouTube and Music Videos

ATROPINE - "Exterminism" (2016, Christian Ryder), Extra

YouTube Video

Madi2TheMax - "Beauty and Stan Lee" (2016, Madison Brunoehler), Random Guy

YouTube Video

Shaena Stabler - "Just for Tonight" (2016, Shaena Stabler), extra

YouTube Video