A listing of all the projects I've been involved in with some capacity. Humble appreciation and thanks to those who have invited me to collaborate. Sometimes I am also listed in a thank you section, which I am extremely humbled by. 

Anyone interested in having me collaborate with them on a song or release, please feel free to contact me. I am always looking for projects to be a part of. 

Ceremony of Innocence

A neofolk/dream-pop/electronic band from Austria fronted by my friend Alex Wieser, a prolific musician in the black-ambient scene. I was invited in early 2013 to be a session musician to his project, contributing spoken words and lyrics. I also maintain the ceremonyofinnocence.com website were you'll find news about the project, but also track by track commentary of the song's I've done lyrics for. 

No Never Not - released in Winter 2013 by Smell The Stench
    01 - No Never Not- lyrics and vocals

Our Fire Burns - released Spring 2013 by W.A.R. Productions
    01 - Our Fire Burns - lyrics and vocals

Passing Through the Interstellar Gas - released July 2013 by Catgirl Sleepless Nights
    02 - A Sign in Space - lyrics and vocals
    03 - The Turk - lyrics and vocals
    04 - Fortuna y Gloria - lyrics and vocals

City Lights - released December 2013 by Catgirl Sleepless Nights
    01 - Meisterstueck - lyrics and vocals
    02 - Double Lives and Second Chances - lyrics and vocals

Ceremony of Innocence - Labyrinth of the Mind
Labyrinth of the Mind - released April 2015 by W.A.R. Productions
    01 - La Consturera - lyrics and vocals
    03 - ZX7 vs 007 - lyrics and vocals
    04 - A Talisman - lyrics and vocals


A dungeon-ambient band from Maryland fronted by my friend Elliott. I'm a big supporter of his project, and help him out by keeping his discogs.com entry up to date.

Chronicles II - released fall 2013 by Aschefruehling Records
    Listed in the thank yous

Warcraft - released in spring 2014 by Wulfrune Worxxx
    03 - Kalimdor - lyrics and vocals

Onyx - 3

III - released in spring 2014 by Wulfrune Worxxx
    Listed in the thank yous

Misc. Releases

Other releases or projects. I am not usually involved, but sometimes I am honoured to be mentioned in the thank you section of releases, and I think this is the most amazing thing ever. I of course encourage you to check out the projects and be supportive. 


Ostara - Napoleonic Blues

Napoleonic Blues - released in autumn 2016 by Soleilmoon
    Listed in the thank yous

Porta Vittoria

Porta Vittoria - Tales of Fallen Heroes

Tales of Fallen Heroes - released in autumn 2016 by Old Europa Cafe
       "Flawless consulting" credit (I did proofreading and grammar)  


Sonnekind - Eulenspiegels Wiederkehr

Eulenspiegels Wiederkehr - released summer 2014 by Alte Welt
    Listed in the thank yous


TourdeForce - Jedem Das Seine

Jedem Das Seine - released late summer 2014 by Space Race Records
    "Invaluable consulting" credit (I did proofreading and grammar)

TourDeForce - Very Industrial People

Very Industrial People - released March 2018 by Space Race Records
    Consulting credit (proofreading and grammar) 


TSIDMZ - René Guénon Et La Tradition Primordiale

René Guénon Et La Tradition Primordiale - released April 2015 by Old Europa Café
    Listed in the thank yous


Uruk-Hai - Elbantanz

Elbanglanz - released August 2016 by Aphelion Productions
     Listed in the thank yous