Hello, my name is Nick Diak (or Nicholas Diak). I am an expatriate of the Pacific Northwest, having lived in the shadows of both Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier for over half of my life. I lived in Phoenix Arizona for three years while I attended DeVry University and earned my Bachelors in Computer Information Systems. I would later return to school at the University of Washington (Tacoma) and earn my Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences where I did my thesis on Italian genre director Antonio Margheriti and his film Castle of Blood.
I currently live in Orange, CA – a stone’s throw away from Disneyland. I've been working hard these past few years trying to establish myself as a scholar of different fields of pop culture: Italian genre films (particularly the Italian Eurospy genre), post-industrial music, synthwave music and outrun culture, and H. P. Lovecraft studies. I've contributed essays, chapters and reviews to various academic anthology and pop culture websites. 

Aside from academic writing and into data management and analysis, I'm into a few other endeavors as well: tiki culture, cooking, cocktail making, pinup photo and art collecting, video games and retrogaming, comics and lots of movie watching. 

Nicholas Diak and Michele Brittany

My girlfriend is Michele Brittany. We met while we were both doing volunteer work at the Grand Cinema in Tacoma, WA back in 2005. She’s a scholar in her own right. We are constantly bouncing around to different events: comic book conventions, book fairs, museums, exhibits, etc. trying to remain as adventurous as possible.