Bibliography of all my written pieces, pieces I contributed to or gave input or edited. Includes both print, electronic, and podcasts as well. Due to my bibliography growing, some entries (such as the HP Lovecast Podcast) have been moved to other areas of my website. 

In Print

  • The New Peplum: Essays on Sword and Sandal Films and Television Programs Since the 1990s. Forthcoming from McFarland, 2017. 
  • "Book review: Drawn and Dangerous - Italian Comics of the 1970s and 1980s" in Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics. Taylor and Francis, Volume 6 Number 4 December 2015. 
  • "Permission to Kill: Exploring Italy's 1960s Eurospy Phenomenon, Impact and Legacy" in James Bond and Popular Culture: Essays on the Influence of the Fictional Superspy. Ed. Michele Brittany. McFarland, 2014.  
  • "Meteor Madness: Lovecraftian Horror and Consumerism in the Battle for Small Town USA" in Horror in Space: Critical Essays on a Film Subgenre. Ed. Michele Brittany. McFarland, 2017.
  • "Nix's Night About Town" in Kill Those Damn Cats: Cats of Ulthar Lovecraftian Anthology. Ed. Khurt Khave. First United Church of Cthulhu, 2016. 


  •  "Tramp Stamps Letter" in Zombie Tramp #6 by Dan Mendoza. Action Comics, January 2015. 

As Editor/Proofer/Misc.
  • "The Secret of Kage House" in Boston Metaphysical Society: Prelude by Madeleine holly-Rosing. Brass-T Publishing, May 2015. (beta reader, provided feedback, suggestions, edits, etc. Name listed in the thank yous in the introduction)

In 2012 I completed my masters thesis on Antonio Margheriti. It is available at the University of Washington online libraries and at ProQuest. There's a few errors in it and I will update some of the verbiage of correct some of the errors and have an updated version available here. I'm very proud of the thesis and hope to do something more with it in the future. 

Online Articles/Podcasts

Online articles I've written or contributed to, including my work at Heathen Harvest and HP Lovecast, but other endeavors as well. 

Heathen Harvest

Fanbase Press


Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference
  • Spionaggio all'italiana: Exploring Italy's Spy Film Phenomenon and its Importance to Italian Film Canon - presenter (2014-02)
  • Agent 077 Bob Fleming Reporting for Duty: A Comparative Analysis of a Bond Derivative - presenter (2013-02)
  • The Complete Dossier: Revisiting Antonio Margheriti's Eurospy Film Lightning Bolt - presenter (2012-02)
  • The Haunting May be Ephemeral But the Terror is Forever: Unearthing the Italian Gothic Horror Tropes of Margheriti's Castle of Blood - presenter (2011-04)
  • On Martyrs, Propaganda and Coconuts: An Examination of Antonio Margheriti's Vietnam War Film The Last Hunter - presenter (2010-02)
  • The Films of Antonio Margheriti - presenter (2009-02)
Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference
  • Perfection is a Process: Intertextuality Between Herbert West - Re-Animator and Dynamite Comics' Re-Animator Series (2017)


Surprisingly, I've had a few interviews conducted on me.

Reviews/Articles About My Work

Here are other folk's assessment or articles about the projects I've done or have been involved in
Misc. Items

In this world of crowdfunding and what not, one's name get's attached in the thank yous or credits of something. Since My name is floating out there in the ether, might as well list them here. I had no input on these things other than tossing monies at them.

  • Bettie Page Reveals All! - help fund the Blu-Ray release. Listed under Bettie's Camera Club Members. (I LOVE Bettie Page).
  • Boston Metaphysical Society: Chapter 3 and 4 - contributed to the Kickstarter for chapters 3 and 4 of this comic. I'm listed on the thank you wall. 
  • Boston Metaphysical Society: Chapter 5 - contributed to the Kickstarter for chapter 5 of this comic. I'm listed on the thank you wall. 
  • Boston Metaphysical Society: Chapter 6contributed to the Kickstarter for chapter 5 of this comic. I'm listed on the thank you wall. 
  • Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade, The: Volume 2 - contributed to the Kickstarter of this graphic novel. 
  • Clockwork Game - contributed to the Kickstarter of this graphic novel - I went all our and did the super limited edition. Name is listed in a section in the book. 
  • Ghost Source Zero - film I contributed to on Kickstarter. Not released yet, but apparently I am listed on IMDB. Time to claim that...somehow? Listed in the special thanks.
  • Heroes of Red Hood - Lovecraft anthology I contributed to on Kickstarter. I'm listed in the thank you page. 
  • Laibach Special Thanks - I helped spread the word and donated to their Indiegogo during their 2015 American tour. 
  • Living Room, The - short film written/starring my friend Paul Pakler. I contributed to the Kickstarter and I'm listed in the thanks section of the credits.
  • Lovecraft: Issue 01 - comic book by Craig Engler, I contributed to their Kickstarter. My name is listed in the contributors section, page 62, row 22.
  • Whispers of the Abyss Vol. 2 - kickstarted this anthology